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Platov International Airport

Platov International Airport (IATA: ROV, ICAO: URRP) (Russian: Международный аэропорт Платов) is an airport close to the stanitsa of Grushevskaya, Aksaysky District, Rostov Oblast, Russia near the city of Novocherkassk northeast of Rostov-on-Don. It serves Rostov-on-Don (as a replacement for the old Rostov-on-Don Airport) and started operation in December 2017.[2] It is named after Matvei Platov.

Platov International Airport

Международный аэропорт Платов
Platov Airport Logo.jpg
Platov-Aero 20171210165606.jpg
Airport typePublic
OperatorAirports of Regions
LocationAksaysky District, Rostov Oblast, Russia
Opened27 November 2017[1]
Hub forAzimuth
Focus city for
Elevation AMSL213 ft / 65 m
Coordinates47°29′38″N 039°55′29″E / 47.49389°N 39.92472°E / 47.49389; 39.92472Coordinates: 47°29′38″N 039°55′29″E / 47.49389°N 39.92472°E / 47.49389; 39.92472
Platov International Airport is located in Russia
Platov International Airport
Platov International Airport
Aksaysky District, Rostov Oblast
Direction Length Surface
ft m
05/23 11,811 3,600 Concrete/Asphalt
Statistics (2018)

It was originally planned that the airport would open in November 2017, with passenger navigation starting on 1 December 2017. The project has a capacity of 5 million passengers per year. Azimuth will be the main company serving the airport.[3] The airport was opened on 27 November 2017, with the new highway to the airport and final tests before the operations would commence. The airport commenced passenger service on 7 December 2017,[4][1] and the old airport was scheduled to officially cease all its operations on 1 March 2018. In 2018, for the first year of operation of the airport, 3,236,000 passengers passed through this airport.

On 12 February 2019, after Skytrax expertise, Platov Airport owned a 5-star rating, which made it to be the first Russia's airport with such rating and second in CIS after Heydar Aliev International Airport at Baku.[5]


Name choiceEdit

Initially, the project name was "Yuzhny" (eng. Southern). During the voting procedure for the new airport's name, "Platov" was the top choice with 40% of overall votes, whereas "Yuzhny" and "Rostov-on-Don International" had 27% and 34% respectively.[6] Therefore, on 20 January 2017, Government of Russian Federation officially named the airport "Platov International Airport",[7] in honor of Matvei Platov, a Russian general commanding the Don Cossacks.

Certification and openingEdit

At the end of September, the airport construction was finished. Then, 16 October, Rosaviation had approved the new airport and the airport plans to commence the testing procedure till 20 November. After all the stages are done, the airport plans to fully open 1 December. The old airport will close, due to development issues, caused by the location inside town. More likely, the building will be demolished.[8] On 18 November, the first aircraft Airbus A319 of Rossiya Airlines and Sukhoi Superjet 100 of Azimuth landed at the airport.[9][10][11] These were the test mode flights. On 24 November 2017, the first 150 volunteers tested the new airport's equipment.[12][13] On 27 November, Platov received its IATA code ROV from the current airport, whereas old airport received a new IATA code RVI.[14][15]

The airport was officially opened on 7 December 2017 at 11:00am, with the first passenger flight of Pobeda Boeing 737-800 arriving from Moscow–Vnukovo, following with other domestic and international flights.[16]

At the time of construction, Platov airport was named the most expensive airport in Russia.[17][18]


"FC Rostov" fan shop at check-in area

Passenger main terminalEdit

The airport terminal is 50,000 m². There are 9 air-bridges and 9 bus gates. Moreover, the airport complex contains a cargo terminal and a VIP terminal with an area of 2,880 m².[19] The car parking can accept a maximum of 2500 cars.[20]

VIP terminalEdit

The airport also will have a VIP terminal, with a total area of 2,880 m². Currently[when?], the complex is still under construction and planned to be opened in early 2018. The terminal allows a maximum number of 65 passengers, with a lounge area.[19]


Shuttle buses go from the center of Rostov-on-Don to the airport, the route interval is from 05:00 to 23:00 every half hour, from 23:00 to 05:00 every hour. Travel time is 1 hour[21].

Airlines and destinationsEdit

Check-in area
Arrivals hall

All regular and charter flights were transferred to Platov Airport by 7 December 2017 11:00.[22] By 1 March 2018, the old airport was going to be officially closed.[23]

The following airlines operate from Platov International to the following destinations:[24]

Aeroflot Moscow–Sheremetyevo
Azimuth Astrakhan,[25] Bishkek,[26][27] Chelyabinsk (begins 2 January 2020),[28] Elista,[29] Grozny, Kaluga,[30] Kazan, Makhachkala, MIneralnye Vody, Moscow–Vnukovo, Nizhny Novogorod,[31] Novosibirsk, Perm,[32] Samara, Saint Petersburg, Simferopol,[33] Sochi,[34] Tel Aviv (begins 1 December 2019),[35] Ufa, Vladikavkaz,[30] Volgograd,[36][37] Yerevan[26][38]
Azur Air[39]Seasonal charter: Dalaman,[40] Dubai–Al Maktoum, Larnaca,[41] Sanya
Belavia Minsk[42][43]
EllinairSeasonal: Thessaloniki[44]
flydubai Seasonal: Dubai–International[44][45]
IrAero Baku[46]
NordStar Norilsk, Yekaterinburg
Nordwind Airlines Saint Petersburg
Seasonal charter: Antalya,[40] Heraklion,[40] Monastir,[40] Phuket[40]
Pegas Fly Moscow–Sheremetyevo, Yerevan[47]
Pobeda Makhachkala,[48] Moscow–Vnukovo, Saint Petersburg
Rossiya Airlines Moscow–Sheremetyevo, Saint Petersburg
S7 Airlines Moscow–Domodedovo
Smartavia Saint Petersburg[49]
Smartwings Prague[50]
Turkish Airlines Istanbul[51]
Ural Airlines Khujand, Prague, Tashkent,[52] Yerevan
Seasonal: Gyumri
Utair Astrakhan, Krasnodar, Moscow–Vnukovo, Sochi, Stavropol, Voronezh
UVT AeroChelyabinsk,[53] Krasnoyarsk–Yemelyanovo[53]
Uzbekistan Airways Tashkent[44]
Yamal Airlines Chelyabinsk, Mineralnye Vody


Annual trafficEdit

Annual Passenger Traffic
Year Passengers % Change
2017 2,621,000
Including defunct Rostov-on-Don Airport
2018 3,236,000[54]   19%



Currently, the airport is connected to the city center by M4 highway, which was reconstructed before the airport construction finished. From 1 December, when the flights commence officially, the new shuttle vans will go to the city center every 20 minutes,[55] nevertheless, the Rostov government had purchased 20 vans for this route.[56]


In perspective, the Aeroexpress is also planned for the route to city center, but only in case of annual passenger flow of 6 million, which is possible.[57][58] Currently, the government of Rostov, are planning to construct a railway line that, apart from Rostov-on-Don, will serve other big habitations, located nearby the airport.[59]


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