Planaria is a genus of planarians in the family Planariidae. It is currently represented by a single species, Planaria torva,[1] which is found in Europe.[2] When an individual is cut into pieces, each piece has the ability to regenerate into a fully formed individual.[3]

Planaria torva.jpg
Planaria torva
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Platyhelminthes
Class: Rhabditophora
Order: Tricladida
Family: Planariidae
Genus: Planaria
OF Müller, 1776
P. torva
Binomial name
Planaria torva
(OF Müller, 1773)
  • Fasciola torva OF Müller, 1773
  • Dendroplanaria torva Komárek, 1926
  • Planaria torfrida Perkins, 1928


Currently the genus Planaria is defined as freshwater triclads with oviducts that unite to form a common oviduct without embracing the bursa copulatrix and with an adenodactyl present in the male atrium. The testes occur along the whole body.[4]


The food of P. torva consists of freshwater gastropods, tubificid worms, and freshwater arthropods, such as isopods of the genus Asellus and chironomid larvae, although it shows a clear preference for snails.[5] In the United Kingdom, P. torva is a successful predator of the invasive New Zealand mud snail (P. jenkinsi).[6]


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