Plach Yeremiyi

Plach Yeremiyi (Ukrainian: Плач Єремії) is a Ukrainian rock band from Lviv, Ukraine. The band was actually formed in February 1990, but the two most constant musicians - Taras Chubay and Vsevolod Dyachyshyn have played together since 1984 in the band Tsyklon (Циклон).

Plach Yeremiyi songs are usually serious, philosophical poems many composed by lead man Taras Chubay's father[1] Hryhoriy Chubay and given a contemporary rock sound. The group's name comes from Taras Chubay's father's Magnum opus Plach Yeremiyi posthumously published in 1999. The music in the songs sounds hard, then changes to an easy ballad and again explodes, overfilled by emotions. All this has a specific "Lviv" colouring.


  • Dveri kоtri naspravdi ye... (Двері, котрі насправді є, The doors, which indeed exist) (1993)
  • Nay bude vse yak ye (Най буде все як є..., Leave it all as it is) (1995)
  • Khata moya (Хата моя, My house) (1997)
  • Dobre (Добре, It's good) (1998)
  • Ya pidu v daleki hory (Я піду в далекі гори, I will go to the distant hills) (1999)
  • Yak ya spala na seni (Як я спала на сені, As I slept on hay) (2000)


Taras Chubay with friendsEdit

  • Nashe rizdvo (Наше різдво, Our Christmas)
  • Nashi partyzany (Наші партизани, Our partisans)
  • Nash Ivasyuk (Наш Івасюк, Our Ivasyuk) (2003)

Taras ChubayEdit

  • Svitlo i spovid'. (Світло і Сповідь, Light and Confession) (2003)


  1. ^ Many entries at the Website show that the words were written by Taras Chubay's father -

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