Pkt Cash

PKT Cash is a system birthed from the 2010 cjdns project.[1] This project set out to create a sustainable decentralized alternative internet. However, the expansion limits of this project were realized when the costs to run the system became unsustainable without a financial infrastructure.[1] PKT Cash is a cryptocurrency that is designed to provide that financial infrastructure support for the PKT decentralized alternative internet. [2] PKT is a blockchain that enables anyone to become an ISP. Users allocate bandwidth from their local internet connections and build a global, decentralized edge network. It is run by the community for the community [3]

This system creates an economic incentive for people to support the decentralized PKT network when they add bandwidth to the network. [4] PKT cryptocurrency mining is designed to be undertaken using CPU mining rather than GPU or ASIC so that this form of mining is available to many users using regular computers. [5] The cryptocurrency is not currently listed on any exchanges, it is only traded privately. There are no transaction fees. [6]


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