Pizzaiolo (restaurant chain)

Pizzaiolo in Toronto

Pizzaiolo is an American-style pizza chain in Canada. The chain has 39 restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area.[1][2][3]


Pizzaiolo was founded in Montorio, Italy in the early 1940s by Nonno Giuseppe and Nonna Ida, and was run at a small pizzeria. The company name derives from the Italian word pizzaiolo [pittsaˈjɔːlo] which means "pizza maker". In the 1960s, the company moved to Toronto where the chain was started by "Mama Anna" and "Papa Antonio". They opened their first full-fledged restaurant in 1967.

Pizzaiolo has 40 locations in the GTA.

It was the winner of a Now magazine Best of Toronto: Readers' Poll" for "Best Pizza Slice".


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