Pizza pugliese

Pizza pugliese (Italian pronunciation: [ˈpittsa puʎˈʎeːse, -eːze]) is a style of pizza in Italian cuisine prepared with tomato, onion, and mozzarella.[1] It is named after the region of Apulia (called in Italian Puglia). It should not be confused with pizza barese, the local Barese variant of preparing the pizza dough, which tends to be thinner and crispier than pizza napoletana.

Pizza pugliese
Pizza with tomato, sun-dried tomato and onion.jpg
A pizza with tomato, onion, and sun-dried tomato
Region or stateApulia
Associated national cuisineItaly
Main ingredientsTomato, onion, and mozzarella
Ingredients generally usedOregano, olives and capers
Similar dishesPizza barese


Variations exist, in which different cheeses and ingredients may be added. Some versions may also use oregano,[2] olives and capers as ingredients,[3] and some may omit the use of pizza sauce and substitute half of the mozzarella with Provolone cheese that is sliced or grated.[4] Some versions may use pecorino cheese.[5]

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