Piya Ka Ghar

Piya Ka Ghar (Devanagari: पिया का घर, Nastaliq: پیا کا گھر, transl. My beloved's house) is a 1972 Indian Hindi-language comedy set (mainly) in Mumbai in the 1970s. It is a remake of Raja Thakur's Marathi film Mumbaicha Jawai. It portrays the difficulties of life in India's biggest city during the 1970s in the form of a comic family drama.

Piya Ka Ghar
Piya Ka Ghar, 1972.jpg
Directed byBasu Chatterjee
Written byBasu Chatterjee
Screenplay byRam Kelkar
Story byVasant P. Kale
Produced byTarachand Barjatya
StarringJaya Bhaduri
Anil Dhawan
CinematographyK. K. Mahajan
Edited byMukhtar Ahmed
Music byLaxmikant Pyarelal
Distributed byRajshri Productions
Release date
  • 25 February 1972 (1972-02-25)
Running time
approx. 135 minutes


The two main characters are Ram and Malti (Jaya Bhaduri). Ram lives in a chawl (tenement) in Mumbai. Malti initially lives in a relatively comfortable home in an unidentified village.

Ram and Malti are hooked up through a matchmaker that their parents have hired. We first see the matchmaker visiting Malti's house; he then visits Ram and his family (parents, two brothers, one sister-in-law, three uncles, and two aunts), who live together in a one-room apartment.

Ram and Malti fall in love, and Ram's family visits her in her village. Soon, they are married, and Malti moves to Ram's apartment, not knowing what to expect. Since there is very little room left in the apartment, the newlyweds are forced to sleep in the kitchen. They make several comical, but failed, attempts to have some privacy.

At last, Malti can bear it no longer, and her uncle arrives to take her back to the village. But when they see all her in-laws offering to move out on her account, they change their minds, saying that such love overcomes the difficulties of living in Mumbai. In the end, the couple finally finds the privacy they were seeking.


Actor/Actress Character/Role Notes
Jaya Bhaduri Malti Shankar
Anil Dhawan Ram G. Sharma
Agha Girdharilal Sharma
Sulochana Chatterjee Mrs. Girdharilal Sharma
Suresh Chatwal Shiri G. Sharma
Ranjita Thakur Shobha Shiri Sharma as Ranjeeta Thakur
Raja Paranjpe Gauri Shankar as Raja Paranjape
Keshto Mukherjee Baburao Kulkarni as Kesto Mukherjee
Mukri Kanhaiya
Sunder Irate Passenger
Paintal Arun
C.S. Dubey Pandit
Sarita Devi
Samar Chatterjee
Prakash Mishra
Rajan Verma as Raj Verma
Amitabh Bachchan Guest Appearance
Dharmendra Himself


The following songs, listed in the order in which they appear, are from Piya Ka Ghar: Lyrics by Anand Bakshi & Music Composers ; Laxmikant Pyarelal

  • "Ye Zulf Kaisee Hai" (Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar) — This love song is well known.
  • "Ye Jeevan Hai" (Kishore Kumar) — This was a popular song in Piya Ka Ghar. It is the film's theme.
  • "Piya Ka Ghar" (Lata Mangeshkar) — In this song, Malti tries to make the most of her new life.
  • "Bambaee Shahar Kee" (Kishore Kumar) — This relatively obscure song portrays Mumbai more optimistically and romantically.


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