Pixelsurgeon was an online design and culture magazine featuring news, reviews and interviews. It's a digest of the creative, strange and interesting from the internet with a growing readership and popular following.

Created in 2001 by Jason Arber and Richard May as a response to design news portals that were perceived to be devoid of personality, Pixelsurgeon became an instant success thanks to its emphasis on delivering original content, speaking its mind and not being afraid to appear 'uncool'.

In 2003, Pixelsurgeon relaunched with a clean new look and expanded its list of contributors, in particular Andy Barefoot who built much of Pixelsurgeon's new PHP and MySQL-based backend, and Sam Gilbey who quickly rose through the ranks to become senior editor.

On 19 November 2007, Jason Arber announced that Pixelsurgeon would be closing down.

"After seven amazing years, Pixelsurgeon is shutting its doors and closing down.

Pixelsurgeon is an enormous time drain and thanks to an expanding family and helping to create new moving image company Wyld Stallyons, I simply cannot devote sufficient time to it. So rather than let it die a slow lingering death, I'm taking it to the canal in a bag of rocks.

This has been a tough decision, and one I've struggled with over the last couple of months. I'm sure many of you will be as heartbroken as we are.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our contributors past and present for their amazing work, and to you, our audience for stopping by to read our news, reviews and interviews.

Keep on truckin'!"

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