Pitsos A.E. (Πίτσος) was founded in Athens in 1865 and began as a company manufacturing small household appliances and oil heaters. In 1959 it began production of fridges in a new factory; it soon invested heavily on the development and production of a wide range of modern home appliances, including TV sets. Other metal structures, including 3-wheel pickup trucks were also produced.[1] In 1976 it was bought by Bosch-Siemens Hausgeraete GmbH. In 1996 was rebranded to "BSP A.B.E. Ikiakon Syskeyon". Gaggenau and Neff joined the group in 1998 and 2002 respectively. The company was rebranded to "BSH Home Appliances" ("BSH Ikiakes Syskeves A.B.E"). It boasts a leading position in the Greek household appliances market with a market share of approximately 40%. Its revenue reached €308 Million in 2005.[2] Approximately one third of the total revenue comes from exports mainly to Europe and the Middle East.

FounderPitsos family
HeadquartersKifissia, ,
Area served
Greece, Europe, Middle East
Productswhite goods
RevenueIncrease €408.47 million (2014)
Increase €32.95 million (2014)
OwnerBSH Hausgeräte (40%)
Number of employees
1,400 (2014)
1968 Pitsos 50 cc 3-wheel truck

Production facilities are now in Piraeus and the company employs 1200 personnel.[3] It is the leading white goods manufacturer (such as refrigerators, fridges and ovens and, decreasingly, washing systems) in Greece producing 400,000 units per year, 30% of which for export.[4] The company manufactures products that incorporate substantial innovations such as the "No Frost" and "Super Frost" technologies on refrigeration systems and "pyrolysis" system on cooking systems.

In 2020 the company announced the shutdown of its factory in Greece and its relocation in Turkey. [5] The company's factory was permanently closed on March 31, 2021. However, parts of the company infrastructure were acquired by Pyramis, a Greek aplliances company, which plans to start production in a new factory in 2022.


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Official YouTube Channel.[1]

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