Pistol Carpați Md. 1974

Pistolul calibrul 7,65mm Model 1974, also known as Pistolul Carpați, is a series of light semi-automatic pistols designed and manufactured by Fabrica de Arme Cugir of Romania. It was initially introduced as a side-arm for submachine gun equipped units of the Romanian Army and is currently issued as a self-defence weapon in the Romanian Police.

Pistol Carpați Md. 1974
Pistol Carpați Md 1974.png
TypeSemi-automatic pistol
Place of originRomania
Service history
In service1974–present
Used byRomanian Army, Romanian Police
Production history
ManufacturerFabrica de Arme Cugir
VariantsMd. 1974, Md. 1995, Md. 1995 gaz
Mass520 grams (18 oz)
Length168 millimetres (6.6 in)
Barrel length91 millimetres (3.6 in)

Cartridge7,65x17mm (.32 ACP)
ActionStraight blowback
Rate of fire24 RPM
Muzzle velocity285 m/s (935 ft/s)
Maximum firing range50 metres (160 ft)
Feed systemMagazine, 8 rounds
Sightsmechanical; fore, blade; rear, fixed notch


Pistolul Carpați Md. 1974 was designed by Întreprinderea Mecanică Cugir, currently Fabrica de Arme Cugir. Its construction is similar to that of the Walther PP/PPK semi-automatic pistol, but it is not a direct copy of it.[1]

The body is made of duraluminium. It works as a double-action weapon on the first shot and as a single-action weapon for subsequent shots. Rounds are automatically fed from the 8-round magazine and the weapon is self-arming.[2] The barrel has four rifling grooves and is coated with a thin layer of chrome.[3]


Once the standard side-arm of the Romanian Police, Pistolul Carpați Md. 1974 is currently being replaced in service by the Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol and serves only as a self-defence weapon. The Romanian Army still has stocks of this weapon, but it is no longer issued to servicemen. It is, however, still issued to some of the police departments.


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