Piraeus Football Clubs Association

The Piraeus Football Clubs Association (Greek: Ένωση Ποδοσφαιρικών Σωματείων Πειραιώς, abbreviated E.P.S.P. (Ε.Π.Σ.Π.) was founded in 1925 after the termination of E.P.S. Athens-Piraeus.[1] It was the second largest football association in Greece and was officially recognized by FIFA alongside E.P.S. Athens, as the Hellenic Football Federation had not been established at the time. After the establishment of Alpha Ethniki it became the Piraeus Football Clubs Association for amateurs.[2]

Piraeus Football Clubs Association
HeadquartersPiraeus, Greece
Hellenic Football Federation
PresidentGeorgios Anatolakis

History edit

Olympiacos participated in Piraeus Championship from the first time in 1925, immediately after its inception. They were invincible and won the final defeating Piraikos with 4-2. In the early years they were a great opponent of Ethnikos Piraeus, who won the championship of 1928, while the two clubs tied in 1930 and were declared both champions. Ethnikos Piraeus also won the Championship in 1939, the only time Olympiacos participated and lost from another team. Since the 1930-1931 championship and up to 1959 Olympiacos played without serious opponents and won all the championships. They didn't participate in the championships of 1932, 1933 and 1936 because of the formation of the division while they were eliminated in 1928 after just one game and were excluded from the Hellenic Football Federation with AEK and Panathinaikos because they refused to participate in the national championship.

Champions[3] edit

Season Champion Season Champion Season Champion
1924-25 Olympiacos F.C. 1935-36 Ethnikos Piraeus 1950-51 Olympiacos F.C.
1925-26 Olympiacos F.C. 1936-37 Olympiacos F.C. 1951-52 Olympiacos F.C.
1926-27 Olympiacos F.C. 1937-38 Olympiacos F.C. 1952-53 Olympiacos F.C.
1927-28 Ethnikos Piraeus 1938-39 Ethnikos Piraeus 1953-54 Olympiacos F.C.
1928-29 Olympiacos F.C. 1939-40 Olympiacos F.C. 1954-55 Olympiacos F.C.
1929-30 Olympiacos F.C. 1940-41 Cancelled 1955-56 Olympiacos F.C.
1930-31 Olympiacos F.C. 1945-46 Olympiacos F.C. 1956-57 Olympiacos F.C.
1931-32 A.C. Nikaia 1946-47 Olympiacos F.C. 1957-58 Olympiacos F.C.
1932-33 Ethnikos Piraeus 1947-48 Olympiacos F.C. 1958-59 Olympiacos F.C.
1933-34 Olympiacos F.C. 1948-49 Olympiacos F.C.
1934-35 Olympiacos F.C. 1949-50 Olympiacos F.C.

List of champions 1959- edit

Structure edit

The championship of E.P.S. Piraeus consists of three categories. The champion of the category A rises in the Regional Championship. The structure of the 2016-17 season championship of the amateur association is as follows:

  • Category A: 32 teams (two groups of 16 teams)
  • Category B: 27 teams (one groups of 14 teams and another one of 13)
  • Category C: 15 teams

References edit

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