Pipa Pattern

Pipa Pattern ( 琵琶图 ) is a work for string orchestra and woodwinds,[1] composed by He Xuntian in 2001.[2][3]

He Xuntian: Pipa Pattern


Pipa Pattern (2001) was written especially for string orchestra and woodwind and it shows the sincere pursuit from composer of one performing skill , which expresses the utterly simple rhythm with unitary performing skill from beginning to the end. This works also reveals the composer’s deep feeling to oriental culture.[1][4]


Pipa Pattern was inspired from Xuntian He’s poem Satori (1999).[1]


He Xuntian & Juanjo Mena, BBC Philharmonic

Pipa Pattern
Dirigent: Juanjo Mena
Orchester: BBC Philharmonic Orchestra
25. October 2015 Shanghai, Concert Hall, Oriental Art Center

Pipa Pattern, He Xuntian Works Concert
Dirigent: James Judd
Orchester: Israel Symphony Orchestra
8. November 2014 Shanghai, Concert Hall, Oriental Art Center
Israel Symphony Orchestra[3][5][6]


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