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Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School

The Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School (simplified Chinese: 先锋中英双语学校; pinyin: Xiānfēng Zhōng-Yīng Shuāngyǔ Xuéxiào), abbreviated to PVCICS, is a public Charter school in Hadley, Massachusetts. Founded in February 2007, PVCICS offers an immersion program that teaches Chinese Language Arts and culture in addition to a regular curriculum.[1] PVCICS' goals are to graduate students with excellent scholarship, high proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and English, plus sensitivity to multiple cultures. PVCICS serves the Pioneer Valley region.[2][3]

Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School
Hadley, Massachusetts
TypePublic Charter school
FoundedFebruary 2007
Head of schoolMs Kathleen Wang


PVCICS uses an immersion program to promote high fluency in the Chinese language. Different grade levels receive different amounts of Chinese instruction.

Grades % of daily instruction in Chinese Subjects taught in Chinese % of daily instruction in English Subjects taught in English
K-1st 75% Math, Science/Technology, History/Social Studies, Chinese Language Arts and Culture 25% English Language Arts
2nd - 5th 50% Math, Science/Technology, Chinese Language Arts & Culture, 50% English Language Arts, History/Social Studies
6th – 12th 25% Chinese Language Arts & Culture 75% English Language Arts, Math, Science/Technology, History/Social Science

IB CurriculumEdit

PVCICS is an approved International Baccalaureate school offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) for 11th and 12th graders. [4]

Currently, the IB courses offered include: English, Math (one of three levels), History, Science (Biology, Chemistry or Physics), Chinese (one of three levels) and the Arts. In addition, the IB Diploma Programme requires a Theory of Knowledge (ToK) class, an Extended Essay, and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) hours.

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