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The Pioneer Library System (PLS) is a public library system that serves residents in the central Oklahoma counties of Cleveland, Pottawatomie and McClain with administrative offices in Norman.[3] Additionally, the system also allows those served by the Metropolitan Library System (Oklahoma County) to check out materials via a reciprocal borrowing agreement, and also allows non-residents to borrow materials if they pay an annual fee. The twelve-branch system is governed by a board of trustees. Lisa Wells currently serves as Executive Director.[2]

Pioneer Library System
CountryUnited States of America
LocationNorman, Oklahoma
Access and use
Access requirementsAll who reside, work, own property or attend school in the 1,903 square mile area of Cleveland, McClain, and Pottawatomie counties, or Metropolitan Library System cardholders [1]
Population served359,703[2]
Other information
DirectorLisa Wells
Shawnee Public Library
Tecumseh Public Library
Current Norman Public Library Central, 2019
Future Norman Public Library Central under construction, 2019

The cities of Moore, Norman and Shawnee are served by Redbox-style automated DVD kiosks. Norman is also home to three "24 Hour Libraries" which are automated kiosks. The location located at the Irving Recreation Center in Norman is the first such machine in North America to allow customers 24-hour access to library materials. Customers are able to retrieve "holds" from the kiosks or browse available books for checkout.[4][5]



Information about the system's administrative offices and branch libraries is shown below.[2] For maps showing all locations, see the "External links" section.

Name Address Coordinates
Pioneer Library System Administration 300 Norman Center Court, Norman 35°12′57″N 97°29′26″W / 35.2158°N 97.4905°W / 35.2158; -97.4905 (Pioneer Library System)Coordinates: 35°12′57″N 97°29′26″W / 35.2158°N 97.4905°W / 35.2158; -97.4905 (Pioneer Library System)
Blanchard Public Library 205 NE 10th, Blanchard 35°08′48″N 97°39′24″W / 35.1466°N 97.6568°W / 35.1466; -97.6568 (Blanchard Public Library)
McLoud Public Library 133 N Main, McLoud 35°26′11″N 97°05′31″W / 35.4365°N 97.0919°W / 35.4365; -97.0919 (McLoud Public Library)
Moore Public Library 225 S Howard, Moore 35°20′10″N 97°29′20″W / 35.3360°N 97.4890°W / 35.3360; -97.4890 (Moore Public Library)
Newcastle Public Library 705 NW 10th, Newcastle 35°15′22″N 97°36′27″W / 35.2560°N 97.6076°W / 35.2560; -97.6076 (Newcastle Public Library)
Noble Public Library 204 N 5th, Noble 35°08′29″N 97°23′31″W / 35.1413°N 97.3919°W / 35.1413; -97.3919 (Noble Public Library)
Norman Public Library Central 225 N Webster, Norman 35°13′15″N 97°26′51″W / 35.2207°N 97.4474°W / 35.2207; -97.4474 (Norman Public Library)
Norman Public Library East 3051 Alameda St, Norman 35°13′07″N 97°23′45″W / 35.2186°N 97.3957°W / 35.2186; -97.3957 (Norman Public Library East)
Norman Public Library West 300 Norman Center Court, Norman 35°12′57″N 97°29′26″W / 35.2158°N 97.4905°W / 35.2158; -97.4905 (Norman Public Library West)
Purcell Public Library 919 N 9th, Purcell 35°01′23″N 97°22′18″W / 35.0230°N 97.3716°W / 35.0230; -97.3716 (Purcell Public Library)
Shawnee Public Library 101 N Philadelphia, Shawnee 35°19′39″N 96°55′11″W / 35.3274°N 96.9196°W / 35.3274; -96.9196 (Shawnee Public Library)
Southwest OKC Public Library 2201 SW 134th, Oklahoma City 35°20′05″N 97°33′00″W / 35.3348°N 97.5499°W / 35.3348; -97.5499 (Southwest OKC Public Library)
Tecumseh Public Library 114 N Broadway, Tecumseh 35°15′30″N 96°56′12″W / 35.2582°N 96.9368°W / 35.2582; -96.9368 (Tecumseh Public Library)

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