Pinnacle Road–East Pinnacle Border Crossing

The Pinnacle Road–East Pinnacle Border Crossing connects the town of East Pinnacle, Quebec with the western portion of Richford, Vermont. A new US border station at this crossing was built in 2012, directly behind the old border station. For years, the old border station was heated using a solar water heating system.[1]

Pinnacle Road-East Pinnacle Border Crossing
East Pinnacle Border Station.jpg
Canada Border Inspection Station at East Pinnacle, Quebec
CountryUnited States; Canada
  • Pinnacle Road / Chemin de Richford
  • US Port: 14 Pinnacle Road, Richford, Vermont 05476
  • Canadian Port: 383 Richford Road, East Pinnacle, Quebec J0J 1C0
Coordinates45°00′56″N 72°42′00″W / 45.015602°N 72.699907°W / 45.015602; -72.699907Coordinates: 45°00′56″N 72°42′00″W / 45.015602°N 72.699907°W / 45.015602; -72.699907
US Phone(802) 848-7721
Canadian Phone(514) 538-2912
HoursOpen 24 Hours US / 8AM to 4PM Canada

The border crossing is one of the least busy in Vermont, with three to 20 cars using it a day.[2] For many years, there were no border inspection services at this location. Finally in 1971, the US built a border inspection station. Canada built its border station in 1982, rerouting Chemin de la Frontiere around it. US station is open 24/7 while the Canadian Side is only open from 8AM to 4PM.

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