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The Pinnacle Club is a women's climbing club based in the United Kingdom, founded in 1921.


Pinnacle Club members (photo taken in Coniston, the Lake District, 1933)

Though the Fell & Rock Climbing Club, established 1906 for Lake District climbing, was open to both men and women, women were excluded from many climbing clubs. A Ladies' Alpine Club was founded in 1907 and the Ladies' Scottish Climbing Club in 1908. The brainchild of Emily (Pat) Kelly, a Fell and Rock member, the Club was intended to encourage independent rock climbing among women. The Pinnacle Club was founded at a meeting chaired by Eleanor Winthrop Young at the Pen Y Gwryd Hotel in Snowdonia on 26 March 1921, attendees being women already known to the organisers. Subsequently, a letter was published in the Manchester Guardian inviting women to contact the Secretary if they were interested in joining. Despite Pat Kelly's death following an accident in 1922, the Club prospered.[1] Eminent climbers who have been members over the years include Nea Morin, Dorothy Pilley,[2] Brede Arkless, Gwen Moffat and Angela Soper.

International EventsEdit

The first international event held in Llanberis in 1984 saw the first female E5 ascent by Jill Lawrence.[3] In 2016 a second event was held with over eighty climbers of all standards from making their first traditional climb to climbing E7.

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