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Pingtung City (Mandarin Pīnyīn: Píngdōng Shì; Hokkien POJ: Pîn-tong-chhī) is a county-administered city and the county seat of Pingtung County, Taiwan.


Old city gate in Pingtung Park
Old city gate in Pingtung Park
Pingtung City in Pingtung County
Pingtung City in Pingtung County
CountryRepublic of China (Taiwan)
CountyPingtung County
CapitalNorth West District (西北區)
 • MayorLin Ya-chun (林亞蒓)[1]
 • Total66.03 km2 (25.49 sq mi)
 (December 2014)
 • Total203,866
 • Density3,100/km2 (8,000/sq mi)
Pingtung City
Traditional Chinese屏東
Simplified Chinese屏东


The area of modern-day Pingtung City was originally a village of the Taiwanese Plains Aborigines which they called "Akau",[2] which means "the forest". After the expulsion of the Dutch, the village grew into a Chinese market-town called "A-kau" (Chinese: 阿猴; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: A-kâu).

Empire of JapanEdit

In 1901, during the Japanese era, Akō Chō (Japanese: 阿猴廳) was one of twenty local administrative offices established. In 1909, this unit was merged with Banshoryō Chō (蕃薯寮廳) and Kōshun Chō (恆春廳) to form Akō Chō (阿緱廳). Beginning in 1920, the name was changed to Heitō Town (屏東街), governed under Takao Prefecture. In 1933, the town was upgraded to City status.

Republic of ChinaEdit

After the handover of Taiwan to the Republic of China from Japan on 25 October 1945, Pingtung City was established as a provincial city of Taiwan Province in December the same year. On 1 December 1951, it was downgraded to a county-controlled city of Pingtung County until today.


Pingtung City is located northwestern Pingtung County. It is centered between the western coast and the eastern mountain range on the Pingtung Plain. Many residents work in Kaohsiung and commute daily by train.


Pingtung City is located within the tropics and has a tropical climate, specifically a tropical monsoon climate, as of the rest of Taiwan, the warmest month is July and the coldest month is January, but the weather is hot starting from mid March to late November with an average daytime temperature peeking above 30 degrees Celsius, while the short cooler season starts from mid December and lasts till late February featuring relatively warm days and cool nights with temperatures ranging from 15-27 degrees Celsius. Pingtung county is known to be the hottest county of Taiwan and Pingtung city is well known of having high daytime temperatures typically year round.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Villages in Pingtung City

The city is administered as 79 villages: Anle, Anzeng, Beishi, Beixing, Bixin, Chonglan, Chongli, Chongwu, Chongzhi, Dahu, Dalian, Dapu, Datong, Dawu, Dazhou, Dingliu, Dingzhai, Duanzheng, Fengrong, Fengtian, Fengyuan, Fufeng, Gongguan, Goumei, Guanghua, Guangrong, Guangxing, Guixin, Haifeng, Hexing, Housheng, Huashan, Hunan, Huxi, Jianguo, Jinquan, Kongxiang, Lingyun, Longhua, Mingzheng, Minquan, Nanshu, Pengcheng, Pinghe, Qianjin, Qiaobei, Qiaonan, Qingchun, Qingxi, Renai, Renyi, Ruiguang, Sanshan, Shengfeng, Shengli, Siwen, Taian, Taiping, Tanqi, Wannian, Weixin, Wenming, Wumiao, Xingle, Xinhe, Xinsheng, Xinxing, Yixin, Yiyong, Yongan, Yongchang, Yongcheng, Yongguang, Yongshun, Yucheng, Zeren, Zhangan, Zhangchun and Zhongzheng.

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Pingtung City is served by Guilai Station, Liukuaicuo and Pingtung Station.


Pingtung Bus (屏東客運), UBus (統聯客運) and Kuo-Kuang Bus operate services from Pingtung Bus station near Pingtung Rail Station.

Notable nativesEdit


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