Pindos (disambiguation)

Pindos or Pindus is the largest mountain range in Greece, extending to southern Albania.

Pindos or Pindus can also refer to:

  • from the mountain range :
  • Pindos or Pindus (Greek: Πίνδος), the ancient name of river Kanianitis in Doris, Greece
  • Principality of the Pindus, an attempt to create an autonomous canton from Vlach-speaking population of Samarina and other villages of the Pindus mountains of Northern Greece
  • Pindus (mythology), a character in Greek mythology
  • Greek destroyer Pindos, World War II-era warship
  • Pindos (Russian: пиндос) is a derogatory nickname for a citizen or inhabitant of the United States ("Pindostan")