Pindale Min (Burmese: ပင်းတလဲမင်း, pronounced [pɪ́ɴdəlɛ́ mɪ́ɴ]; 23 March 1608 – 3 June 1661) was king of the Toungoo dynasty of Burma (Myanmar) from 1648 to 1661. Prince of Pindale ascended to the Burmese throne after his father King Thalun died in 1648. Pindale's ineffectual reign was the beginning of the gradual decline of Toungoo dynasty over the next century.

Pindale Min
King of Burma
Prince of Pindale
Reign27 August 1648 – 3 June 1661
Coronation19 October 1648
3rd waxing of Tazaungmon 1010 ME
Born23 March 1608
Sunday, 6th waxing of Late Tagu 969 ME[1]
Died3 June 1661(1661-06-03) (aged 53)
Friday, 7th waxing of Nayon 1023 ME
Chindwin River
Chindwin River (drowned)
ConsortAtula Sanda Dewi[2]
IssueThiri Hpone Htut[3]
Minye Theikhathu
Full name
Birth name: Thakin Kyaw[4]
Minye Nandameit
MotherKhin Myo Sit[4]
ReligionTheravada Buddhism

The Yongli Emperor of Southern Ming established himself at Kunming in Yunnan and extracting tribute from Chiang Hung. The Burmese armies under his brother Pye the King of Prome were sent north to claim Chiang Hung but failed. Then there were omens and rumors that there would be two kings in Burma. Yongli was eventually driven out of Yunnan and fled to Bhamo, requesting Burmese alliance. Pindale granted the residence to the Ming Emperor at Sagaing along with his officials.

The Qing, however, promptly amassed the troops into Burma to capture the last Ming prince. The Kingdom of Ava was largely plundered and Ava was laid siege. The siege was unsuccessful, however,[5]:220–223 due to the defense provided by the Bayingyi – the Portuguese gunners. The Qing invasions had burnt the Burmese farms in Ava and resulted in famine and Pindale lost his popularity. His brother Pye then staged a coup and took the throne, drowning Pindale, his chief queen, son and grandson in a river.


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Pindale Min
Born: 23 March 1608 Died: 3 June 1661
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Burma
27 August 1648 – 3 June 1661
Succeeded by
Royal titles
Preceded by
Minye Kyawswa II of Toungoo
Heir to the Burmese Throne
18 August 1647–27 August 1648
Succeeded by
Minye Thihathu of Salin