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PT Pindad (Persero) (a syllabic abbreviation of its former name, Perindustrian Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angakatan Darat (Indonesian Army Industries)), is an Indonesian state-owned enterprise specialising in military and commercial products. Pindad provides the armaments and munitions (Alat Utama Sistem Senjata or Alutsista) for the Indonesian National Armed Forces and other agencies mainly to support defence and security of the Republic of Indonesia.

PT Pindad (Persero)
State-owned enterprise
IndustryDefense, Industrial
Founded1808 – As Artillerie Constructie Winkel (ACW)
HeadquartersHead Office : Jl. Gatot Subroto, No 517 Bandung 40285, Indonesia Ammunition Division : Turen, Malang
ProductsMilitary and Industrial products
RevenueIncrease Rp 2.02 trillion (2016)
Increase Rp 45.79 billion (2016)
Total assetsIncrease Rp 4.16 trillion (2016)
Total equityIncreaseRp 1.26 trillion (2016)
Number of employees
2,071 (2016)

Aside from the defense industry, Pindad also produces several industrial products for other fields such as transportation and commercial explosives.[1] Pindad's activities are including cover design, development, engineering and fabrication as well as maintenance.[2]


In 1808, Governor-General Daendels ordered the establishment of workshops for materiel, munitions, and weaponry maintenance named Contructie Winkel (CW) in Surabaya, which acted as a precursor to the defense industry in Indonesia. He also instructed the establishment of an artillery workshop known as Proyektiel Fabriek (PF). The government further established naval materiel and explosives factory named Pyrotechnische Werkplaats (PW) in 1850. On January, 1st 1851, CW was renamed Artilerie Constructie Winkel.[3]

During the period 1923–1932, workshops in Surabaya were moved to Bandung and merged into single entity named Artilerie Inrichtingen (AI). During Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies, ACW was renamed to be Dai Ichi Kozo (DIK). And afterward it was renamed to be Leger Productie Bedrijven (LPB).

On April 29, 1950, following the agreement on Dutch–Indonesian Round Table Conference, whereas Netherlands transferred sovereignty to United States of Indonesia. Netherlands also transferred LFB Dutch east indies government transferred LPB to United States of Indonesia. LFB was later renamed into Pabrik Senjata dan Mesiu (PSM) and its management was entrusted to the Indonesian Army.

PSM was renamed Pabrik Alat Peralatan Angkatan Darat (Pabal AD) in 1958, and in 1962 into Perindustrian TNI Angkatan Darat (Pindad).[1]


Pindad has received awards for the creation of the Pindad SS1 and Pindad SS2 rifles that enabled the Indonesian Army to win at ASEAN Army Rifle Meet XVI contest in 2006[4].

Known productsEdit

Harimau medium tank in celebration of the 72nd Anniversary of the Indonesian Military.
Pindad Anoa on display. Its AGL mount is publicly seen.
A Pindad Komodo at Indodefence 2012 with red and yellow markings, signifying a BRIMOB vehicle.
Pindad Badak with CMI Cockerill Mk3 90mm



Submachine Guns

Assault Rifles

Battle Rifles

Machine Guns

Sniper Rifles

Grenade Launchers



Armored Vehicles

Fire Support Vehicles

Medium TankEdit

Agricultural equipmentEdit

  • Rotary planter
  • Multicommodity combine harvester
  • Four-wheeled tractor

Heavy equipmentEdit

  • Excava 200 (excavator)[10]
  • PTM-90 (agricultural tractor)
  • PA-1800 (tiller/rotavator)
  • PP-160 (harvester)[11]


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