Pimlico, Dublin

Pimlico is an inner city area of Dublin, Ireland on the southside in Dublin 8. It lies between Thomas Court and Ardee Street. At the Thomas Court end of Pimlico is Pimlico Cottage. It is close to the St. James's Gate Guinness Brewery and the smell of the hops pervades the area.

In musicEdit

Pete St John's popular song Dublin in the Rare Old Times, recorded by many artists including Dublin City Ramblers, The Dubliners, and Flogging Molly, is in the voice of one Sean Dempsey, "born hard and late in Pimlico, in a house that ceased to be".


Coordinates: 53°20′28″N 6°16′54.4″W / 53.34111°N 6.281778°W / 53.34111; -6.281778