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The Pillar New Testament Commentary (or PNTC) is a series of commentaries in English on the New Testament. It is published by the William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company.[1]

Expanding during the last twenty years and already being revised this series seems designed for students and pastors.[2] Exegetical opinions are addressed and current academic theories are reviewed making the series serious but not overly technical. The series is conservative evangelical, however its commentators hale from various churchmanship.[2] Currently the series editor is D. A. Carson.[1]

In August 2016, Eerdmans withdrew the two commentaries which Peter O'Brien has contributed to the series (on Ephesians and Hebrews) on account of plagiarism. According to Eerdmans, the commentary on Hebrews in particular ran afoul "of commonly accepted standards with regard to the utilization and documentation of secondary sources."[3]



The main focus of the commentaries is exegetical but with a view to aiding expositors. The meaning of each sentence is determined, and then it is shown how it fits in with the overall argument of the section and book

— Mark Heath[2]


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