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Pilar Zeta (born June 15, 1986) is an Argentinean artist, graphic designer, and fashion designer best known for her surrealist album covers. She made the collage and Flower of Life image which Coldplay used to promote their album A Head Full of Dreams. Based in Los Angeles, California, she has designed album covers for labels such as Island Records, Big Beat Records, Ultramajic, Get Physical,[1] Visionquest, and Fool's Gold Records, many of which are associated with electronic dance music. Todd Burns of Resident Advisor wrote in October 2012 that "Zeta has created some of the most distinctive electronic music design of the past few years."[2] In 2013 she founded the record label Ultramajic with DJ and producer Jimmy Edgar, designing many of the company's album covers.[3]

Pilar Zeta
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Pilar Zeta

(1986-06-15) June 15, 1986 (age 35)
Known forArtist, Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer, Creative Director

Early lifeEdit

Pilar Zeta was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.[1] Drawing and painting since the age of six, early on she saw art as a medium of expression. Her father would take her to art museums, where she recollects that "I was so overwhelmed with the colors and techniques that as soon as I was home I was trying to recreate what I saw."[4] When she was young her mother also exposed her to Indigo children philosophies, and Zeta became interested in cosmology, metaphysics, and later on meditation.[1]

Her brother also introduced her to 1960s rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and the Alan Parsons Project, with Zeta paying mind to the bands' psychedelic album covers.[5] In her early teens she became a user of software such as Corel Draw and Photoshop,[6] explaining that "once I started going to school, my favourite subject was computers... And besides that I’ve been always an avid lover of books, especially the covers, I would stare at them for hours. I always knew I was going to be a graphic designer."[4]


2000s: Early yearsEdit

Leaving Argentina at the age of nineteen, Zeta moved to the United States as a foreign exchange student.[1] Within a year she was hired as a graphic designer, despite having no formal secondary training.[4] In Miami she soon began designing artwork for musicians and promoters in the local EDM scene.[1] In 2009 she moved from Miami to Berlin, exhibiting her art in Berlin, London, and Moscow.[1] Her work has since been reviewed in publications such as the German Groove Magazine.[7]

2010–13: Album covers and RADEdit

"If you've noticed the record sleeve designs of a certain type of house music are getting a bit more surreal, that's no coincidence. Labels like Visionquest, Mobilee and Supernature have all enlisted Pilar Zeta to craft their visual identity... Zeta has created some of the most distinctive electronic music design of the past few years."
— Todd Burns of Resident Advisor (Oct 2012)[2]

In 2010 she founded the creative agency RAD, through which she worked for clients such as Island Records, Big Beat Records, Crosstown Rebels, Hotflush, and Get Physical.[1] In 2011 she became a part of the art collective called OUTLAND, along with Daniela Huerta, Leandro Quintero, Camille Blake, Sandrine Nicoletta and Clemence de la Tourdupin.[8] The group had a number of exhibitions, including a show at the Art Show & Gathering in Berlin that year in June, in venues such as the L’atelier Kunst in Berlin.[9] They also held a November 2011 exhibition in Moscow, titled Shift, and a second show titled Shift II held in Berlin in December. The group separated shortly after.[10]

As of 2012 she continued to work with RAD, and had also designed album covers for independent labels such as Visionquest, Mobilee and Supernature, all associated with house music.[2] Todd Burns of Resident Advisor wrote in October 2012 that "Zeta has created some of the most distinctive electronic music design of the past few years."[2] As of November 2013 she had designed album covers for artists such as Jimmy Edgar, Tiga, Roosevelt, and Disclosure,[6] and had also exhibited "mixed media installations" at a number of international galleries.[6] Among those were the Berghain nightclub in Germany, where she contributed art in 2013.[11] RAD closed in the spring of 2014, after she left Berlin for Los Angeles.[1]

2013–14: Holographic UniverseEdit

After a lifetime of working on her own clothes, Zeta began designing her own fashion lines in November 2013.[6] In August 2014, debuted her collaborative fashion line Holographic Universe.[3] According to Zeta's website, "the fashion and lifestyle brand was influenced by their fascination with the cosmos, neo-classical sculpture, and time travel."[1] Zeta created the artwork while both designing the fashion pieces.[4] By late summer of 2014 the line had been exhibited in Paris, New York [3] though Zeta left the company around that time.

2013–14: UltramajicEdit

Zeta met and befriended DJ and producer Jimmy Edgar around 2011, when both were living in Berlin.[1] Upon meeting Edgar, Zeta explained that "We have similar influences and backgrounds, so we just started working on different projects together: covers, tarot cards, collages, rituals etc."[5] While traveling in Machu Picchu in 2013, she and Edgar founded the label Ultramajic.[1] DJ Broadcast dubbed her the "primary design outlet" for the label, still based in Berlin as of September 2013.[5] The company works on multi-media projects in music, art, photography, video, and installations.[1] Among other projects for Ultramajic, together she and Edgar launched the release series Metaphysix, with artists given themes and ideas such as "mentalism" to interpret artistically.[12] Her collaboration with Edgar titled "Danny Daze - Silicon," released on Ultramajic, was featured in the magazine Viewpoint Surface in 2014.[13] She continues to design much of the label's and Edgar's cover art.[4]

2015: Collaboration with ColdplayEdit

In 2015, Zeta did art direction for Coldplay's album A Head Full of Dreams (2015). Before designing the album art she collaborated with them to make an art studio in London, for it she made a 3 meters handmade collage including the childhood images of the artist. A kaleidoscope version of this collage was used as the cover art of the album including a colorful version of the flower of life designed by her. A Head Full of Dreams.[14][15]

Artistic style and influencesEdit

"Ancient Egypt is definitely my biggest inspiration. I’m constantly learning about their philosophies and incorporating their teachings into my art and my daily life."
— Pilar Zeta in 2014[4]

According to Resident Advisor in 2012, Zeta's often surrealist artwork is characterized by "big, striking shapes, punctuated with a dash of the unexpected," and often incorporates themes related to Ancient Egypt and the metaphysical.[2] Zeta stated in 2013 that her style could be described as "retro-futuristic-mystical-art," clarifying that "I’ve always been fascinated and highly influenced by UFOs and paranormal activity. Later in my teenage years, I became interested in geometry, metaphysics, psychedelia, magick, Egypt, lasers and Star Wars. I think my artwork reflects these random influences and somehow they blend well together."[5]

She has referenced album cover artist Storm Thorgerson as a significant influence on her style,[5] stating that "he was the pioneer on merging the surreal art into music."[6] She employs multiple mediums, sometimes drawing and scanning her own work[6] or using photographs from flea markets and old books for collages. In late 2014 she stated that she had lately been "creating all my own resources, from shapes to textures. I draw them in Illustrator or create them in Cinema 4D and then migrate them to Photoshop."[4]

Personal lifeEdit

Based primarily in Berlin in September 2013,[5] as of 2014 she was also[6] based in Los Angeles.[1]


Incomplete list of design credits for Pilar Zeta[16][17]
Yr Album/single Artist(s) Label Role, notes
2009 Sweeter Than Audiofly Supernature (SPNX010) Design/artwork
2010 Sweeter Than (The Remixes) Audiofly Supernature (SPN0106) Design/artwork
Betta Days Zev Supernature (SPN014) Design/artwork
Captain My Captain Pan-Pot Mobilee (MOBILEE 071) Design/artwork
Heartbeats Various Supplement Facts (SFR026) Design/artwork
2011 Time To Lose It EP Dinky Visionquest Design
Bittersweet Rodriguez Jr. Mobilee Design
Where The Freaks Have No Name Benoit & Sergio Visionquest (VQ001) Design/artwork
Visionquest Beach Collection Various Visionquest (VQ005) Design/artwork
"Mr. Duke" Sebo K Mobilee (MOBILEE 080) Design/artwork
Step Aside Life & Death Visionquest (VQ009) Design/artwork
Visionquest Fall Winter Collection Various Visionquest (VQ007) Design/artwork
2012 Iron Triangle Hobo M nus Design
So Far... Various Mixmag Design
Get Lost V Acid Pauli Crosstown Rebels Design
This One's For The Children Jimmy Edgar Hotflush Recordings (HF033) Design/artwork Design (w/Jimmy Edgar)
The Picture Tiga Crosstown Rebels (CRM100) Design/artwork
"Sea" Roosevelt (Marius Lauber) Greco-Roman (GREC025D) Design/artwork
From The Vaults EP Jay Haze Supernature (SPN021) Design/artwork
Good Times (Part 1) Ray Okpara Mobilee (MOBILEE 101) Design/artwork
2013 Times David August Diynamic Music Artwork
Singal Flow Dirty Hands Touch of Class Artwork
Hot Inside Jimmy Edgar Ultramajic (LVX001) Design/artwork
Metaphysix I: Mentalism Aden/Creepy Autograph Ultramajic (LVX002) Design/artwork
2014 Twenty Scope Alix Alvarez Endless Records Artwork
Names Treasure Fingers & Bosco Fool's Gold Records (FGR107) Design/artwork
Mercurio Jimmy Edgar Ultramajic (LVX003) Design/artwork (with Jimmy Edgar)
Whip EP Aden Ultramajic (LVX004) Design/artwork
Silicon EP Danny Daze Ultramajic (LVX005) Design (w/Jimmy Edgar)
Four Aden Ultramajic (LVX006) Design/artwork (with Jimmy Edgar)
Metaphysix II: Rhythm Various Ultramajic (LVX007) Design/artwork (with Jimmy Edgar)
Rub Chambray Ultramajic (LVX009) Artwork (w/Jimmy Edgar)
Circlon EP Spatial Ultramajic (LVX010) Design/artwork
Saline Jimmy Edgar Ultramajic (LVX012) Design/artwork
2015 A Head Full of Dreams Coldplay Parlophone Design/artwork
2017 7°CN CNBLUE FNC Entertainment Design/artwork
2019 Everyday Life Coldplay Parlophone Design/artwork
2021 "Don't Go Yet" Camila Cabello Epic Design/artwork/music video (w/Philippa Price)
Music of the Spheres Coldplay Parlophone Design/artwork

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