Pijnacker is a town in the Dutch province of South Holland. It is located about 4 km east of the city of Delft, in the municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp.

Coat of arms of Pijnacker
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 52°1′6″N 4°26′10″E / 52.01833°N 4.43611°E / 52.01833; 4.43611

Pijnacker has two stops on the Randstadrail E-lijn between The Hague and Rotterdam: Pijnacker Centrum and Pijnacker-Zuid.

Pijnacker was a separate municipality until 2002, when it merged with Nootdorp.[2]

In and around Pijnacker there are big and attractive nature areas, of which one is the Ackerdijkse Plassen, one of the most important bird areas in the Netherlands.


  • Centrum (Centre)
  • Koningshof
  • Noord (North)
  • Klapwijk
  • Tolhek
  • Keijzershof
  • Ackerswoude (partly build, not completed yet)
  • Tuindershof (Hasn't been built yet)

Significant structuresEdit

One of the dominant buildings in Pijnacker is H. Joannes de Dooper Catholic church on the main street of town, the Oostlaan. It is registered landmark, number 525173.[3] Though once it was a parish with a full-time priest, the Church of Saint John the Baptist (Pijnacker)[4] is now joined with the Church of Saint Bartholomew (Nootdorp) to form one parish within the "Parish Federation of Oostland" within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rotterdam.[5]

View of south side of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church on the Oostlaan

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A street(oostlaan) in Pijnacker

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