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Pigmy Love Circus

Pigmy Love Circus is a Los Angeles rock band that has existed since the mid 1980s era of the Hollywood underground rock scene.

Pigmy Love Circus
OriginLos Angeles, United States
GenresHard rock, Heavy metal, punk rock
Years active1986–present
LabelsHellhound Records
Associated actsTool, 57 Crown, Big Ugly
MembersDanny Carey
Peter Fletcher
Michael Savage
Shepherd Stevenson
John Ziegler
Past membersRand "Pig" Walters
Anthony Martinez
Nat Winger
Jeff Chambers

Pigmy Love Circus originally consisted of Shepherd Stevenson on bass, Mike Savage on vocals, Anthony Martinez (of Black Flag) on drums, with Rand "Pig" Walters and Peter Fletcher on guitars. Danny Carey joined in 1992, but his tenure was cut short by his joining the progressive metal band Tool.

By 1995, Pigmy Love Circus disbanded. What was left of the band went their separate ways. Savage went on to form 57 Crown and Big Ugly, both being formidable bands in Hollywood. Stevenson now composes music for film. Fletcher moved to Denver. Rand "Pig" Walters disappeared.

In 1999, Fletcher returned to Los Angeles and the flame was rekindled when Carey demanded a reunion.

The band toured several times in the U.S. in 2002-2004 both alone and also opening for A Perfect Circle in the U.S. and Canada.

In 2012, Pigmy Love Circus played a Dog Patch Wino Reunion show at the Dragonfly in Los Angeles.

In 2014 Rand "Pig" Walters reappeared and released a solo record which is only currently available on his website. It was recorded in Nashville and San Francisco, engineered, mixed and mastered by Mark Fuller.

Known for lively, confrontational concerts[1] the band's music and primal energy incite fans to jump on stage (encouraged by the band) and sing along on songs such as "Dagwood Killed Blondie" and "Mad House Clown". The band achieved iconic status in the Los Angeles underground music scene.[2]

The band is currently working on material for their next release.



EPs and SinglesEdit

  • 1989: I'm The King Of L.A. ...I Killed Axl Rose Today
  • 1990: Beat on the Brat
  • 1992: Drink Free Forever
  • 1995: Drug Run to Fontana


  • 1990: Live (Live-Album)
  • 1992: When Clowns Become Kings
  • 2004: The Power of Beef


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Further readingEdit

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