Pieter Both (1568 – 6 March 1615) was the first Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies.

Pieter Both
Pieter Both.jpg
Portrait of Pieter Both
1st Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies
In office
19 December 1610 – 6 November 1614
Preceded byNone
Succeeded byGerard Reynst
Personal details
Amersfoort, Spanish Netherlands
Died6 March 1615
Indian Ocean (near Mauritius)

Not much is known of his early years. In 1599, Both was already an admiral in the New, or Brabant Company. In that year, he traveled to the East Indies with four ships. When the newly founded Dutch East India Company set up a government for the Dutch East Indies, Pieter Both was invited to become the Governor-General. He held that position from 19 December 1610 to 6 November 1614. During that period he concluded contracts with the Moluccans, conquered Timor, and drove the Spaniards out of Tidore.

After he relinquished his position as Governor-General to Gerard Reynst, he left for the Netherlands with four ships. Two of the ships were shipwrecked in Mauritius at Flic-en-Flac, and Pieter Both drowned.

The second highest mountain of Mauritius is named Pieter Both after him.

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