Pickensville Rosenwald School

Pickensville Rosenwald School was a Rosenwald School primarily for the education of African-American students in Pickensville, Alabama, U.S.. It educated generations of children from c. 1925 until it closed c. 1969.

Pickensville Rosenwald School
Location254 Jim Locke Road, Pickensville, Pickens County, Alabama, U.S.
Coordinates33°14′27″N 88°15′30″W / 33.240706°N 88.258305°W / 33.240706; -88.258305
Dates activec. 1925c. 1969
DesignatedDecember 16, 2010

A historic marker for the school was erected by Alabama Historical Commission.[1] It is listed by the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage since December 16, 2010.[2] The Historic Pickensville Rosenwald School Museum (also known as the Historic Rosenwald School and Museum) exists in Alabama since 2019.[3][4]

History edit

American educator, Booker T. Washington created the Rosenwald School system with funding from businessman Julius Rosenwald.[5] The schools were created to promote collaboration between local black and white people.[5] Pickensville Rosenwald School was one of six Rosenwald Schools built in Pickens County.[5] The Pickensville Rosenwald School was opened in c. 1925 and served as a primary school, and was an important building in the rural community.[5]

In April 27, 2011, a tornado damaged the building.[6] Former alumnus Paulette Locke-Newberns led fundraising in 2013 to renovate the school building;[5] and the University of West Alabama’s Center for Business and Economic Services, the Pickensville Community Center, and the Alabama Black Belt Heritage Area contributed to the project.[7]

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