Phyllactinia is a genus of fungi in the family Erysiphaceae.[1] The type species is Phyllactinia suffulta.[2] Species in this genus are plant pathogens, causing powdery mildew.[citation needed]

Phyllactinia guttata 1890.jpg
Various stages in the life cycle of Phyllactinia guttata. Fig 1. Natural size, on chestnut leaf. 2. Perithecium enlarged. 3. Two asci. 4.Three spores. 5.Conidia-bearing hyphae. 6.Conidium germinating.
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Leotiomycetes
Order: Erysiphales
Family: Erysiphaceae
Genus: Phyllactinia
Lév. (1851)
Type species
Phyllactinia suffulta
(Rebent.) Sacc. (1880)

P. angulata (E.S. Salmon) S. Blumer
P. fraxini (DC.) Fuss
P. guttata (Wallr.) Lév. (1851)
P. mali (Duby) U. Braun


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