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Philippe Viannay (15 August 1917 - 27 November 1986) was a French journalist.


School foundationEdit

He founded the Centre de formation des journalistes, and, later, the sailing school Les Glénans.

French resistanceEdit

During World War II, he led a resistance movement named Défense de la France. They printed an underground journal which distributed up to 400,000 copies.[1]


The Canadian journalist Caitlin Kelly—who studied with Viannay at the Centre in Paris on an eighth-month journalism fellowship—later described him as "the most inspiring man I've ever met."[2]

Hélène ViannayEdit

During the first year of the German occupation, Viannay married the former Hélène Mordkovitch. Hélène Viannay co-administered Les Glénans with her husband, and following Viannay's death became president of the association of Ancient Résistants of Défense de la France.[3]

Prix Philippe Viannay-Défense de la FranceEdit

The French Fondation de la Résistance awards an annual prize for resistance-era histories, the Prix Philippe Viannay-Défense de la France.[4]