Philippe Cousteau Anchor Museum

The Philippe Cousteau Anchor Museum (Spanish: Museo de Anclas Philippe Cousteau) is located in Salinas, a town within the Castrillón municipality of Asturias, Spain. It is reached by the N-632.[1]

Philippe Cousteau Anchor Museum
Museo de anclas cousteau.jpg
LocationPlaza de Europa, Nº1 33450 Piedras Blancas, Castrillón, Asturias, Spain
Coordinates43°34′47″N 5°58′08″W / 43.579831°N 5.968753°W / 43.579831; -5.968753Coordinates: 43°34′47″N 5°58′08″W / 43.579831°N 5.968753°W / 43.579831; -5.968753

The open-air museum is situated on La Peñona peninsula at one end of the beach near the Arnao tunnel. It includes sails and deck anchors, along with a large, ceramic mural.[1] The featured bust of Philippe Cousteau is the work of sculptor Vicente Menendez-Santarúa Prendes.

One of the anchors is from the bulk carrier Castillo de Salas that ran aground over rocks near Gijon in 1986.[2]


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