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Philip Anthony Treacy OBE (born 26 May 1967) is an award–winning Irish haute couture milliner, or hat–designer,[a] based in London, who has been described by Vogue magazine as "perhaps the greatest living milliner".[b] In 2000, Treacy became the first milliner in 80 years to be invited to exhibit at the Paris haute couture shows.[5] Treacy has been associated with some of the largest fashion houses and particularly Chanel and Givenchy, as well as celebrities such as Isabella Blow, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker. Treacy has been associated with British royalty, and has designed hats for royal occasions.

Philip Anthony Treacy

Philip Treacy, The Master Millner.jpg
Treacy wearing his own creation
Born (1967-05-26) 26 May 1967 (age 52)[1]
EducationNational College of Art and Design (NCAD) Dublin, (1987)
Alma materRoyal College of Art London, (MA, 1990)
OccupationMilliner, hat designer,[a] designer
Spouse(s)Stefan Bartlett
married 2017
  • James Vincent Treacy
    (d. 1978)[1] (father)
  • Katie Agnes Treacy
    (d. 1993)[1] (mother)
WebsitePhilip Treacy

Early lifeEdit

Philip Anthony Treacy was born on 26 May 1967 in the small village of Ahascragh, in County Galway in the Republic of Ireland, whose population was circa 500.[1][6] Treacy says that his interest in sewing started at age five,[7] and that his obsession with the weddings in the church across the road from his house, inspired an early passion for fashion.[8] At age 17, Treacy moved to Dublin in 1985, to study fashion at the National College of Art and Design, where he spent a 6–week work experience with British millner, Stephen Jones.[9] In 1988, Treacy won an MA scholarship for the Fashion Design course at the Royal College of Art in London, and graduated in 1990 with first class honours.[10][9]

When I was interviewed [for the Royal College of Art] I didn’t know whether to play down the hats or play up the hats, but they were thinking of setting up a hat course so I became their guinea pig. After one day there I said to my tutor Sheilagh Brown: “What should I do? Should I make hats or clothes?’ She said: ‘make hats.’ It was very practical, not a great revelation.

— Philip Treacy, Irish Independent, February 2011[7]

In 1989 he took one of his hats to Michael Roberts, fashion editor of Tatler magazine, and his style editor, Isabella Blow.[11] Blow asked Treacy to make a hat for her to wear for her wedding,[8] and soon after, invited him in 1990, to live with her and her new husband Detmar Blow, in their Belgravia London home, where Treacy worked in their basement.[11][12] Alexander McQueen, another Blow discovery, would also join Treacy in her home.[13][14]

The Telegraph would chronicle in a 2011 interview: "She made him famous. He made her look like an icon. When you think of the late, great Blow, you think of her in one of his creations, be it a giant disc or a replica sailing ship."[14] In July 2002, the Design Museum in London, hosted an exhibition of the 30 most iconic hats Treacy designed for Blow, titled: When Philip met Isabella.[10] The exhibition was so well received that it went on a world tour for several years, and drew a record attendance of circa 43,000 when shown in Dublin in 2005.[10]

My biggest inspiration has been Isabella Blow. [..] In twenty years I have met all my heroes and for me nobody has surpassed her. She was incredible. I thought there must be others like her, but there wasn't. Everyone was boring in comparison to her.

— Philip Treacy, Irish Independent, February 2011[7]


Haute coutureEdit

Treacy designed the Beauxbatons hats for Harry Potter in 2005

In 1991, Treacy, aged 23, on the prompting of Blow,[15] got his "big break",[2] being asked by Karl Lagerfeld to come to the Chanel showrooms in Paris, in what was to be the start of a long–term working relationship with Chanel. The first hat that Treacy designed for Chanel appeared on the cover of British Vogue worn by model Linda Evangelista.[c]

I was 23 and I’d just left [art] school, I didn’t know whether to call him Mr Lagerfeld or whatever. I was totally intimidated but Issie [Blow] was exactly herself. She just walked into the house of Chanel and said: "We’d like some tea please". I would design hats for Chanel for the next decade.

— Philip Treacy, Irish Independent, February 2011[7]

In 1991, Treacy opened his first showroom in London, and won his first of five, British Accessory Designer of the Year awards.[8] By 1993, Treacy held his first fashion show during London Fashion Week in Harvey Nichols, with Naomi Campbell, Yasmin le Bon, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington and Stella Tennant modelling in return for keeping Treacy's hats, which were all black.[8][16] In 1994, he opened up his boutique at 69 Elizabeth Street, in Belgravia, London, right beside Isabella Blow's residence at number 67.[15][17][16]

Treacy's first solo show in 1993 saw him debut on the fashion and celebrity radar, when no fewer than five of the most famous supermodels of the era – Naomi Campbell, Yasmin Le Bon, Kate Moss, Stella Tennant and Christy Turlington – appeared on his catwalk. Playing down his star appeal, Treacy is humble about his overnight success story. "London was in a lull then," he said. "The media went crazy when all those girls did my show, but it completely changed perceptions of the hat.

— Philip Treacy, The Sydney Morning Herald, 2007[18]
Philip Treacy's boutique, 69 Elizabeth Street, Belgravia, London.

Treacy has designed hats for Alexander McQueen (another discovery of Isabella Blow),[d] including his 1999 white collection for Givenchy Haute Couture in Paris, for Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, and for Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Versace and Rifat Özbek. In January 2000, he became the first milliner for 80 years to be invited to exhibit at the Paris shows.[e][19][5] In November 2015, Vogue magazine ran a feature of Treacy's 20 "most awe–inspiring chapeaux" from the runways.[20]

Wider fashionEdit

Outside of haute couture, Treacy has designed hats for films, including Harry Potter (most notably the Beauxbatons hat, for The Goblet of Fire in 2005).[21] Sarah Jessica Parker has worn his hats at Sex and the City premières (2008, 2011), and Met Galas (2013, 2015).[f][23] Treacy designed Madonna's gold headpiece for her 2012 Super Bowl half–time show.[24] Lady Gaga described Treacy as "the greatest milliner of all time", while hosting his 2012 London Week fashion show.[25] Notable designs for Lady Gaga include a telephone-shaped headpiece with a removable handset hat, worn for her appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in 2010 (now in permanent display at Madame Tussauds),[26] and a lightning-bolt hat, she wore for the 2010 Grammy Awards.[27][28]

As well as Isabella Blow, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Lady Gaga, other notable muses for Treacy's hats are socialite Daphne Guinness,[29] model Naomi Campbell,[2][30] and singer, actress, model, Grace Jones,[31] who used Treacy as art director and designer for her 2009 sold-out Hurricane tour.[32]

In an interview with The Guardian in July 2011, Treacy distilled what he felt a hat should do (a Treacy quote which is often reproduced):[33]

Princess Beatrice's fascinator "pretzel hat" by Philip Treacy in April 2011

The Guardian: Does a person carry off a hat or a hat carry off a person?
Philip Treacy: A person carries off the hat. Hats are about emotion. It is all about how it makes you feel. I like hats that make the heart beat faster.

— Philip Treacy, The Guardian, July 2011.[34]

Treacy had previously written a piece for The Guardian in May 2001 on what defines the "perfect hat".[35]

Royal occasionsEdit

Treacy's hats are also associated with English royalty, with thirty–six worn at the 29 April 2011 Royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton,[36] including the controversial fascinator style hat worn by Princess Beatrice of York. The so–called "pretzel hat" was auctioned for charity by Princess Beatrice on eBay for $130,000 (£80,100.01) on the 22 May 2011.[37] Treacy felt the criticism regarding the "pretzel hat" was very extreme (the hat had its own Facebook page with over 140,000 connections), and in July 2011 said: "In the future, we'll look back and think she looked wild".[34] In a July 2018 Radio 4 Desert Island Discs interview, Treacy said: "There was a moment where I thought I would find myself with my head on a spike outside the Tower of London", from the controversy of the "pretzel hat".[38] The hat resides at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.[39]

Treacy designed over twenty hats worn at the 19 May 2018 Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, including by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and by Oprah Winfrey.[40][41] Megan Markle chose a Treacy hat for her first official royal event in December 2017.[42][43]

In July 2018, Treacy credited the Queen with "single–handedly saving the British hat industry".[44]


Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall wearing a Treacy hat in June 2012

Treacy won the title of British Accessory Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards five times during the 1990s (1991, 1992, 1993, 1996 and 1997).[45] In January 2000, Treacy was invited by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture to participate in Paris fashion shows, the first milliner to be invited in 80 years.[e][19][5]

In November 2004, Treacy was named the International Designer of the Year, at the China Fashion Awards in Shanghai.[16] In April 2006, he was awarded a Doctorate of Fine Arts, by the National University of Ireland at University College Dublin ("UCD").[9][47]

He was awarded an honorary OBE (Order of the British Empire) for services to the British fashion industry by Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at a special ceremony in Clarence House in November 2007.[g][48] Treacy designed the headdress worn by the Duchess of Cornwall for the couple's wedding.

In July 2010 Treacy was one of six contemporary and internationally renowned Irish fashion designers honoured by a set of Irish postage stamps issued by An Post. The other designers were Paul Costelloe, Louise Kennedy, John Rocha, Lainey Keogh and Orla Kiely.[49]

Treacy's hats have been exhibited, and are housed in the collections, of design museums including the Victoria and Albert Museum,[50][19] the Metropolitan Museum of Art,[51][19] and the Galleria del Costume of the Palazzo Pitti in Florence.[52] Vogue magazine has described Treacy, on a number of occasions, as being the "greatest milliner in the world".[3][4]

Personal lifeEdit

Treacy is gay and in May 2017 he married his long–term partner of over 21 years, Stefan Bartlett, in a ceremony in Las Vegas.[53]

Treacy has noted the support his parents[h] gave him in pursuing his love of millinery, noting that his father would say: "whatever makes him happy".[55][56] Treacy called his friendship with his significant mentor, Isabella Blow, as: "an affair without sex".[14] Treacy also highlights the importance of fashion model Grace Jones as a collaborator and friend.[31]

Treacy is the second youngest of a large family and has one sister [57] and seven brothers.[48][54] He is particularly close to his sister, Marion Tubbing,[48] the eldest of their generation, whom he credits with supplying him with editions of Harper's and Queen and Vogue while living in Galway (Tubbing was working in London at the time),[57] and for whom, along with his partner Stefan Bartlett, Treacy dedicated his 2015 biography: Philip Treacy: Hat Designer.[30]


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