Philadelphia Aces

The Philadelphia Aces were a United States Basketball League team that played from 1987 to 1988 and in 1990. They were previously known as the Wildwood Aces.

Philadelphia Aces
LeagueUnited States Basketball League
HistoryWildwood Aces
Philadelphia Aces
(1987-88, 1990)
Division/Conference titles1988

In 1987, they finished tied for fifth in the league with a 13-17 record. The following year, they went 19-11, finishing second in the league. That year, they participated in the league's postseason festival, making it to the semifinals. In 1990, they played an abridged season and went 1-5.[1]

Notable playersEdit

Notable players include Michael Anderson, Tim Legler, Ralph Lewis, Alex Bradley and Michael Brooks.