Phi Delta Gamma (social)

Phi Delta Gamma (ΦΔΓ) of Puerto Rico is the first Puerto Rican organization of Greek letters, which was founded in the western town of Mayagüez, on April 25, 1942.

Phi Delta Gamma
FoundedApril 25, 1942; 81 years ago (1942-04-25)
University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
ScopePuerto Rico
United States
Nicknamela Phi Delta
Headquarters867 Av. Luis Muñoz Rivera Suite D-104
San Juan 00925
Puerto Rico
WebsiteOfficial website

History edit

Phi Delta Gamma originated from a high school fraternity, Alpha Iota Omega, which was founded in 1939.[1] When the brothers of Alpha Iota Omega enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (Colegio de Agricultura y Artes Mecánicas) of Mayagüez, some were offered the opportunity to pledge one of the original Puerto Rican fraternities. The others reunited in the house of the brothers Gilberto Oliver Padilla and Otis Oliver Padilla. They decided to found a new fraternity on April 25, 1942, and to use the Greek letters Phi, Delta and Gamma.

The founding brothers are Gilberto Oliver Padilla, Otis Oliver Padilla, Raúl Romaguera, Ramón Antonio Frontera, Ignacio Beauchamp, José Ramón Ponce de León, Hilton Quintana, Angel Inserni, Rafael Ferrer Monge “El Cubano” (who also developed the shield, the first rulebook, and the motto of the fraternity), Rubén D’Acosta, Edgardo Olivencia, César Arana and Hernán Rodríguez.

These brothers established the first chapter as Alpha in Mayagüez. They had plans to expand the fraternity to all of Puerto Rico. In 1944, the first Phi Delta Gamma clubhouse was established in the Méndez Vigo street of Mayagüez.

In 1945, brother Otis Oliver commended to students Juan Mari Brás and Manuel Portela Lomba to take the Phi Delta Gamma fraternity to San Juan. They began the task of establishing the Beta chapter in the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras. Some of the founding brothers of the Beta chapter are Oscar Colón, Juan Mari Brás, Jean García, Ramón Vargas, Manuel Portela Lomba and Angel Amézaga. Thanks to this effort, the first convention of the Phi Delta Gamma was celebrated in 1945, in the Condado Hotel.

The Phi Delta Gamma members are known as "the originals", because they changed the way a traditional fraternity ought to be; also, they were the first Greek letter fraternity, which originated in western Puerto Rico: town of Mayagüez. The Phi Deltas are renowned for their friendliness and honesty. Above all, the great brotherhood among its members is very characteristic of their family activities (which involve grandparents, parents, spouses, children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren).

Chapters edit

A list of Phi Delta Gamma chapters follows: Active chapters are indicated in bold. Inactive chapters are in italics.

Chapter Charter date Institution Location References
Alpha April 25, 1942 College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts Mayagüez, Puerto Rico [2][3]
Beta 1945 University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras San Juan, Puerto Rico [2][3]
Gamma 1948 Mayagüez, Puerto Rico [2][3]
Delta 1952 Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico Ponce, Puerto Rico [2][3]
Epsilon 1954 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico [2][3]
Sigma 1957 Ponce, Puerto Rico [2][3]
Phi 1959 University of Puerto Rico Medica Sicences Campus San Juan, Puerto Rico [2][3]
Tau 1966 Caguas, Puerto Rico [2][3]
Omicron 1966 Arecibo, Puerto Rico [2][3]
Nu 1968 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico [2][3]
Upsilon [2]
Chi [2]
Psi [2]
Beta Alpha [2]
Beta Beta [2]
Beta Delta [2]
Tau Xi [2]
Delta Xi [2]
Theta Mu [2]

Presidents (Pasados Grandes Cancilleres) edit

President Name Service Years Chapter
Frank Jimenez 1946 Alpha
Serafín Pabón 1950–1951 Beta
Gilberto Oliver 1952–1954 Alpha
Roberto González 1955 Beta
Ángel C. Cuevas 1956 Alpha
Luis E. Romero 1957–1959 Delta
Edilberto Lopategui 1960–1961 Alpha
Ramón H. Rodríguez 1962 Gamma
Gilberto Colón 1963 Alpha
Peter Carrero 1964 Beta
Ángel M. Viera 1965 Gamma
Francisco Acosta 1966 Delta
Oscar Colón 1967 Beta
Gilberto Guasp 1968 Beta
Florencio González 1969 Alpha
Agapito Miranda 1970 Beta
Hector Ortiz 1971 Alpha
José A. Canals 1972 Beta
Porfirio Vázquez 1973 Gamma
Tomás Torres 1974–1975 Phi
Domingo J. Vega 1975–1976 Alpha
José Vázquez 1977 Gamma
Ángel R. Amezaga 1978 Beta
Edwin Jové 1979 Beta
Rafael Acosta 1980 Delta
Angel Avila 1981 Beta
Ramón Portela 1982 Beta
Delfín Lorenzo 1983 Alpha
José Meléndez 1984 Beta
José A. González 1985 Alpha
Manuel Mellado 1986 Beta
Carlos Incle 1987 Beta
Miguel Calimano 1988 Beta
Héctor Iglesias 1989 Alpha
Félix R. Rolón 1990 Beta
Luis R. Mellado 1991–1992 Upsilon
Willian Ruiz 1992–1993 Beta
Fernando Gaztambide 1993–1994 Omega
Antonio L. Pabón 1994–1995 Alpha
Luis R. Ortiz 1995–1996 Upsilon
Edwin A. González 1996–1997 Kappa
Emilio Pagán 1997–1998 Alpha
David McKinley 1998–1999 Xi
Francisco Fournier 1999–2000 Beta
Ricarte Rivera 2000–2001


Eliseo Ballester 2001–2002 Zeta
Carlos Negrón 2003 Beta
Héctor Mirabal 2004 Delta
Iván A. Álvarez 2005 Beta
Jesús A. Caro 2006 Alpha
Juan R. Joy 2007 Beta-Alpha
Juan Corujo 2008 Beta
Joaquín Oliver 2009 Beta
José F. Pérez 2010 Beta
Angel M. Avila 2011 Beta
Rafael A. Cancel 2012 Beta
José L. Rocafort 2013 Beta
Roberto E. Rivera 2014 Beta
Ángel M. Torres 2015 Beta
Rafael J. Quiles 2016 Mu
Javier A. Giboyeaux Vélez 2017 Alpha
Roberto Meléndez Renaud 2018 Alpha
Robert Bradley Pérez 2019 Alpha

Notable members edit

Name Chapter Notability References
Juan Mari Brás Beta Political candidate for governor and founder of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party
Tito Lara Singer
Jose F. Ortiz Vazquez Chief executive officer of Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority
Luisito Vigoreaux Television actor and producer

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References edit

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