Peziza is a large genus of saprophytic cup fungi that grow on the ground, rotting wood, or dung. Most members of this genus are of unknown edibility and are difficult to identify as separate species without use of microscopy. The polyphyletic genus has been estimated to contain over 100 species.[1]

Peziza spec. - Lindsey 1.jpg
Peziza species
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Pezizomycetes
Order: Pezizales
Family: Pezizaceae
Genus: Peziza
Dill. ex Fries (1822)
Type species
Peziza vesiculosa
Bull. (1790)
Tease mount[clarification needed] of Peziza spp. fruit body


Species include:


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