Petya Dubarova

Petya Stoykova Dubarova (Bulgarian: Петя Стойкова Дубарова) (April 25, 1962 – December 4, 1979) was a Bulgarian poet.

Petya Dubarova
Aged 16
Aged 16
Born(1962-04-25)25 April 1962
Burgas, Bulgaria
Died4 December 1979(1979-12-04) (aged 17)
Burgas, Bulgaria


She was born and lived in the seaside town of Burgas. Dubarova published poems in youth newspapers and magazines such as: Septemvriyche, Rodna Rech, and Mladezh (Youth). Some of her poems became songs, very popular in Bulgaria since the 1980s: Зимна ваканция (Winter holidays), Пролет (Spring), Доброта (Kindness), Лунапарк (Fun-fair), Нощ над града (Night over the city).

Dubarova committed suicide via sleeping pills on December 3, 1979 and died the following day December 4, 1979 at the age of 17. The Young Communist League organized regularly "voluntary" work in a beer factory. Petya was accused that she purposefully broke a machine's counter which counted the beer bottles. She could not prove her innocence, and could not bear the injustice. She left a note that says:

"Измамена (Deceived)

Младост (Youth)

Прошка (Forgiveness)

Сън (Sleep)

Спомен (Memory)

Зад стените на голямата къща (Behind the walls of the big house)


Selected worksEdit

  • "Az i Moreto" (The Sea and Me) (1980)
  • "Lyastovitsa. Stihove i Razkazi" (Swallow. Poems and short stories) (1987)

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