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Petter Næss (born 14 March 1960 in Oslo, Norway) is a Norwegian actor and film director. His first film as a director was the comedy Absolutt blåmandag in 1999. Næss is best known for his work directing two of the three films about Ingvar Ambjørnsen's Elling character, Elling (2000), which was nominated for the foreign language film Oscar and Elsk meg i morgen (Love Me Tomorrow), (2005), in addition to Bare Bea (2003), Mozart and the Whale (2005) and Hoppet (The Jump, 2007) in Sweden. In 2008 Næss portrayed the war hero Martin Linge in the movie Max Manus.

Otherwise he has primarily busied himself in the world of plays and revues, both as scriptwriter, director and actor. Since 1997 he has been employed as a director at Oslo Nye Teater, and was, among other plays, responsible for the critically acclaimed stage version of Elling and Kjell Bjarne.


Næss Began as an actor in theater, film and TV in 1985. Since 1996 he has worked as film director and projectleader at Oslo Nye Teater . In 1999 he debuted with his first movie, Absolutt blåmandag. The success with the movie "Elling" sent Petter Næss to Hollywood. In 2005 he instructed among others Josh Hartnett in the American drama-comedy Mozart and the Whale. In 2007 was he current with the Norwegian comedy Tatt av kvinnen and in 2008 he played kaptein Martin Linge in the movie Max Manus. In 1980 was he a rep assistant on two movies about "Olsenbanden".

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