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Petexbatún is a small lake formed by a river of the same name, which is a tributary of the La Pasion river. It is near Sayaxché, located in the southern area of the Guatemalan department of Petén.[1][2]

Petexbatún Lake
Rio Petexbatun.JPG
Petexbatún river near the site of Aguateca
Coordinates16°25′57″N 90°11′14″W / 16.432381°N 90.187283°W / 16.432381; -90.187283 (Laguna de Petexbatún)
Primary inflowsRiachuelo Aguateca, Riachuelo El Faisán
Primary outflowsRío Petexbatún
Basin countriesGuatemala
Surface area5.4 km2 (2.1 sq mi)
Surface elevation130 m (430 ft)

Archaeologists gave the name of Petexbatún State to a group of cities during the Classic period of the Maya Civilization that include Seibal, Itzan, Dos Pilas, Aguateca, Tamarindito, Punta de Chimino, Nacimiento, and others. This State was the first to be abandoned in the Late Classic, when the Maya Collapse occurred in a south to north pattern, although Seibal, may have been reoccupied by a foreign group, possibly the Putún Maya, according to the style of the Stelas in this period. The archaeological findings here have given a lot of information about the Collapse of the Classic Maya Civilization.


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