Peterborough Greyhound Stadium

Peterborough Greyhound Stadium was a greyhound racing track located in Fengate, less than a mile from the centre of Peterborough, England.[1]

Peterborough Greyhound Stadium
LocationFengate, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE1 5BP
Coordinates52°34′08.2″N 0°13′17.1″W / 52.568944°N 0.221417°W / 52.568944; -0.221417
Greyhound racing

Racing at the stadium took place every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night with racing starting at 7:30 pm.[2]

On Tuesday 19 May 2020, the stadium announced that it would cease trading with immediate effect after 75 years.[3][4]

Peterborough Greyhound Stadium c.1980

Origins and openingEdit

The Liberty of Peterborough was an historic area comprising around thirty parishes, and it was in 1931 that the Peterborough Racing Club opened their new greyhound track within the Liberty. The venue was described as being off Star Road which is misleading because although this is in the Fengate area the actual track was off the Fengate Road. The plot of land chosen for the track was in south-east Fengate directly north of Peterborough Corporation sewage pumping station. The opening night was on Saturday 4 April 1931, consisting of twelve races. The managing director was G Hooke and organised racing was held every Monday and Saturday which consisted mainly of greyhounds but also whippet races.[5]

The first ever winner was a greyhound called 'Dewdrop'. The second meeting on Monday 6 April was recorded as being a record crowd for the area with 400 being present. Racing continued up until the war with a maximum capacity of 700 being able to attend the track. It is also reported that facilities were very basic with the hare still being moved around the track by the power of two men cycling.[6]


After the war there was a major milestone for the track when Reg Perkins from a farming and transport business family and George Ellingworth a garage owner purchased the track in 1945 and quickly began to improve facilities. The purchase came at the right time because greyhound racing hit its peak in 1946 and it is known that one year later in 1947 the track had a totalisator turnover of £49,719.[7] By this time it was also known as the Peterborough Sports Stadium and Reg Perkins took sole control several years later following the death of George Ellingworth.

The racing continued independent of the National Greyhound Racing Club (NGRC) but remained popular with the local population and by the sixties the stadium offered licensed bars and refreshments, photo finish apparatus and on course bookmakers and an 'Outside Sumner' hare. The immediate area also underwent major changes with industrial units appearing with frequent regularity and a road called First Drove serving as the entrance to the stadium.[8]

In 1977 Reg Perkins retired leaving the day-to-day management to his sons Rex and David with racing on Tuesday and Saturday evenings at 7.15pm. Track distances at this time were 275, 475 & 675 yards and there were now nine track bookmakers. The second major milestone arrived in 1982 following the decision of the management to join the NGRC permit scheme that was in operation at the time. This allowed smaller tracks to run under NGRC rules at reduced rates and was the catalyst for Peterborough to improve in stature. In 1983 the Peterborough Derby was inaugurated and soon became a very popular event at the track. The stadium reputation began to grow and Rex Perkins was elected the Mayor of Peterborough from 1987 and with his wife Margaret raised thousands of pounds for charities.[9]


In 1988 grand plans were unveiled by local architects T. E. Titman Associates for a new grandstand and restaurant and following the completion of the half a million pounds project. The 'Raceview Restaurant' could seat 200 with a further 600 seats available on the glass fronted grandstand.[6][10]

Recent historyEdit

John 'Ginger' McGee Sr. joined the track and the Irishman won Greyhound Trainer of the Year in 1991 whilst attached to Peterborough. In 1998 Racing Manager Mike Middle left the track to assist with a new track at Wisbech Greyhound Stadium and was replaced by Con Baker. On 24 March 1999 the stadium suffered severe damage when a fire spread from an adjoining warehouse and destroyed two bars, a tote booth and a 250-person seating area.[11] The damage resulted in a six-month closure but the management remained positive and rebuilt and refurbished, re-opening on the 21 September 1999.[12]

2003 was a pivotal year for the track because Rex Perkins died after a long illness and his son Richard and nephew Rob dedicated a new £3 million extension to his name. The raceview seating area could now hold 1,000 spectators and corporate boxes were also added. Peterborough dropped Tuesday night racing in 2008[13] and was rewarded with a Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Service (BAGS) contract in 2012. At the end of 2014 the track became BAGS national champions after defeating five other tracks in the final at Nottingham Greyhound Stadium.[14]

In 2018 the stadium signed a deal with ARC to race every Wednesday evening.[15]


The track closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and when racing returned (18 May) following the lock-down Peterborough announced that they would not be re-opening until they sought further clarification from the Greyhound Board of Great Britain.[16] The concerns over the financial implication of racing behind closed doors was evident and the following day (20 May) the Perkins family announced the permanent closure of the track.[3]


Peterborough DerbyEdit

Year Winner Breeding Trainer Time SP Notes
1983 Dutch Jet Indian Joe – Flying Socks Jean Talmage (Rye House) 26.11 10-1
1984 Decoy Moon Decoy Sovereign – Tibbys Girl Pam Cobbold (Private) 25.92 4-1
1985 Decoy Tulip Decoy Sovereign – Tibbys Girl Pam Cobbold (Private) 26.12 14-1
1986 Stylish Start Yellow Band – Flying Chick Jean Talmage (Private) 26.28 5-2f
1987 Quick Judgement Blushing Spy - Marsena Linda Pruhs - Peterborough 26.61 7-1
1988 Lissadell Tiger Bold Work –Cleonas Style Ernie Gaskin Sr. (Private) 25.80 4-6f
1989 Sky Jack Kyle Jack – Kingdom Flower David Pruhs - Peterborough 26.62 6-1
1990 Bolt Home Murlens Slippy – Supreme Peg Ernie Gaskin Sr. (Private) 26.02 5-1
1991 Chief Canary Easy And Slow – Champagne Lady Kim Marlow (Milton Keynes) 25.77 5-2
1992 Pineapple Magic I'm Slippy – Michigan Moira Michael Compton (Private) 25.80 4-5f
1993 Gentle Warning Glen Park Dancer – Gentle Sarah John McGee Sr. (Reading) 25.76 3-1
1994 Highway Leader[17] Leaders Best – Highway Mystery Michael Bacon (Perry Barr) 25.47 7-4jf
1995 Gold Buster Daleys Gold – Spot The Blue Nigel Saunders (Belle Vue) 25.81 5-1
1996 Dynamic Fair Fair Boot – Seventh Dynamic Patsy Byrne -(Wimbledon) 25.46 6-1
1997 Dynamic Fair Fair Boot – Seventh Dynamic Patsy Byrne (Wimbledon) 25.45 7-2
1998 Spoonbill Snowey Right Wish – Clohast Wish Michael Bacon (Perry Barr) 25.20 4-6f
2000 Reactabond Rebel Some Picture – Droopys Larraine Paul Young (Romford) 25.78 11-10f
2001 Kinda Magic Deep Decision - Enchantment Linda Jones (Walthamstow) 25.52 3-1
2002 Letter Slippy Shanless Slippy – Slick City Patsy Byrne (Wimbledon) 25.57 2-1
2003 Tims Crow Lenson Lad – Churchtown Spice Peter Rich (Romford) 25.59 4-5f
2004 Run On Trooper Split the Bill – Oddsonlookon Mick Mavrias (Sittingbourne) 25.73 6-1
2005 Fear No One Toms The Best – Step And Go Mark Wallis (Walthamstow) 25.41 5-4f
2006 Too Risky Daves Mentor – Micks Bozz Lady Mick Puzey (Walthamstow) 25.66 6-4
2007 Westmead Prince Droopys Kewell – Mega Delight Nick Savva (Private) 25.29 4-5f
2008 Me Buddy Ballymac Maeve – Ballymac Peg Matt Dartnall (Reading) 25.71 2-1f
2009 Salisman Droopys Agassi – Droopys Natasha Julie Calvert (Sunderland) 25.17 6-1
2010 Lainedans Flyer Droopys Vieri – Westmead Swift Paul Young (Romford) 25.26 11-2
2011 Mountjoy Rock Black Shaw – Noelles Amarillo Elaine Parker (Sheffield) 24.88 9-2 Track record
2012 Lil Risky Ballymac Maeve-Risk The Town Mark Wallis (Yarmouth) 24.99 7-4f
2013 Frisby Barney Head Bound – Airport Boss David Pruhs - Peterborough 25.69 1-2f Track record
2017 Hiya Butt [18] Hondo Black - Hather for Pat Hayley Keightley (Private) 25.77 1-2f

(1983-2012 420 metres), (2013-2017 435 metres), (2014-16 & 2018 not held)

Peterborough Puppy DerbyEdit

Year Winner Breeding Trainer Time SP Notes
1992 Bagshot Boozer I'm Slippy – Pilgrims Joy 25.90
1993 Sure Fantasy Phantom Flash – Lively Spark 25.83
1994 Pams Silver Skelligs Tiger – Cosy And Warm 25.58
1995 Slick Mick Staplers Jo - Aughaderney Mona 25.74
1996 Spring Gamble Slaneyside Hare – Spring Season 25.41
1997 Lenson Billy Slaneyside Hare – Ballydaly Flyer Norah McEllistrim (Wimbledon) 25.41 7-2
1998 Del Piero Droopys Sandy – Audi Turbo Linda Mullins (Walthamstow) 25.60 4-5f
2000 Reactabond Rebel Some Picture – Droopys Larraine Paul Young (Romford) 25.49 11-10f
2001 Reactabond Ace El Premier – Droopys Kylie Paul Young (Romford) 25.72 6-1
2002 Bocelli Chart King – Minnies Oxana Dinky Luckhurst (Crayford) 25.41 13-2
2003 Slinky Droopys Merson – Kylies Sonia Paul Young (Romford) 25.89 6-1
2004 Fire Height Dan Carlton Bale – September Mist Mick Puzey (Walthamstow) 25.46 4-5f
2005 Fear No One Toms The Best – Step and Go Mark Wallis (Walthamstow) 25.41 5-4f
2006 Too Risky Daves Mentor – Micks Bozz Lady Mick Puzey (Walthamstow) 25.66 6-4
2007 Westmead Prince Droopys Kewell – Mega Delight Nick Savva (Henlow) 25.29 4-5f
2008 Me Buddy Ballymac Maeve – Ballymac Peg Matt Dartnall (Reading) 25.81 2-1f
2009 Barnfield Rocky Hades Rocket – Ballymac Floss Sam Poots (Private) 25.31 7-2
2010 Total Reality Crash – Noirs Magic John Simpson (Wimbledon) 25.50 5-1
2011 Monleek Sloopy Brett Lee – Razldazl Pearl David Pruhs (Peterborough) 25.44 11-2
2016 Holdem Rio [19] Crash - Cornamaddy Maid Heather Dimmock (Peterborough) 26.24 7-2

(1992-2011 420 metres), (2016 435 metres), (1999 & 2012–2015, 2017-18 not Run)

Track recordsEdit


Greyhound Time Date Notes
235 Rotar Wing [20] 13.95 09 Oct 2010
250 Kooga Kafka [21] 14.80 31 May 2019
420 Mountjoy Rock [22] 24.88 06 Aug 2011 Peterborough Derby final
435 Kooga Klammer [23] 25.68 18 Oct 2017
605 Bower Surfer [24] 37.10 12 Sep 2009 Puppy Cesarewitch final
620 Sensual [25] 37.79 23 Nov 2018
790 Greenacre Lin [26] 49.61 14 May 2005
805 Romany Rouge [27] 50.68 16 Nov 2016
975 Jangos Snowdrop [28] 63.15 07 Jun 2008
420 H I'm Henry [29] 25.85 17 May 1997

Previous [30]


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