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Peter Robinson is a British music journalist. He is the creator of the pop music-based blog Popjustice. Robinson first came to the attention of music fans with his self-published biography/fanzine of The KLF, Justified and Ancient History.[1] He is also the author of three other books: The Official Story and On Tour for UK pop band Busted, and also the author of the tie-in book to UK reality TV show Popstars: The Rivals.

His tongue-in-cheek writing harks back to the style of 1980s magazines like Smash Hits, and often features running gags. His NME column Peter Robinson Versus..., in which he conducts a page-long interview over the phone with mainstream pop and hip-hop artists, is characterised by its irreverent tone and non-sequitur topics.

In November 2006 he won a Record of the Day PR & Music Journalism Award in the Breaking Music: Writer Of The Year category. Popjustice won in the Best Online Music Publication category.


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