Pjetër Malota

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Peter Malota (born Pjetër Malota Lulgjuraj; 4 July 1959 in Lofka, Malësia, Albania) is best known for his appearances in films starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. He has over 40 years Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido experience. In 1984, Malota made his film debut in a small role in Furious and then played a member of a syndicate gang in the action movie Ninja Turf. In 1991, Malota began to work with Van Damme, playing an assassin with kicking skills with knives in his shoes in Double Impact. In Nowhere to Run, he is seen playing the convict Van Damme tries to free, but is killed. In 1996's The Quest, Malota put his kicking skills to use again playing the Spanish fighter who fights Van Damme in the tournament.

Peter Malota
Peter Malota

July 4, 1959

Over the past 26 years Pjetër has worked as a Fight/Stunt Coordinator on 25 films.


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