Peter Iwers

Peter Iwers (born on 15 May 1975[1]) is the former bass player of the Swedish band In Flames. He played with In Flames from their 1999 album Colony, up until their 2016 album Battles, originally replacing Johan Larsson who departed after 1997's Whoracle. He was also the bassist for the band Cyhra with former In Flames bandmate Jesper Strömblad from 2017 to 2018.

Peter Iwers
Peter Iwers in 2006
Peter Iwers in 2006
Background information
Also known asDJ Kaos
Born (1975-05-15) 15 May 1975 (age 45)
Years active1997–2018
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His bass playing style has been influenced by Toto bassist Mike Porcaro, as well as Geddy Lee from Rush and John Myung of Dream Theater fame.[2]

He has two daughters and one son. His brother Anders is also a bass player, who plays for Tiamat, Avatarium (2014-) & Dark Tranquillity (2015-). Peter Iwers now brews beer at his brewery outside Gothenburg, Odd Island Brewing, together with his co-owner Daniel Svensson, another former In Flames bandmate.[3]

Before he joined in Flames, Iwers played in a band called Chameleon.

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Peter uses equipment from Ibanez, and EBS. He uses 5–6 string bass guitars. Ibanez has created a series of Peter Iwers signature basses which go by the designation of PIB and are tuned (low to high) B♭,C,F,B♭,E♭. The PIB1 was based on the Ibanez SR Prestige 5 which Iwers was using at the time. The PIB3 was created as a more affordable instrument.[4]

In Flames Peter Iwers bass rig rundown[5]

Shure UR4D+ dual wireless receiver

KORG DTR 2000 rack tuner

Furman PL Pro DE II

MXR/CAE MC-403 Power System

drawer-1 containing;

  • Lehle 3at1 ABC SGoS switch
  • unknown DI
  • MXR Phase 90

drawer-2 containing;

  • Ashdown LoMenzo Hyperdrive Distortion
  • MXR Smart Gate
  • MXR Bass DI+

drawer-3 unknown contents

EBS Fafner II amp

EBS Fafner II amp (backup)


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