Peter II (cat)

Peter II was a black cat who was employed as Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office in 1946 and 1947, during the government of Clement Attlee.[1] Peter II assumed the role on an unofficial basis from his predecessor, Peter.[2] The young kitten served a truncated term as mouser; some six months after his appointment,[3] he was struck by a car in Whitehall, and died.[4]

Peter II
Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office
In office
December 1946 – 27 June 1947
MonarchGeorge VI
Prime MinisterClement Attlee
Preceded byPeter
Succeeded byPeter III
Personal details
ResidenceHome Office

He was succeeded by Peter III, in August 1947.


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Preceded by
Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office
Succeeded by
Peter III