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Peter Gambi is a character appearing in comics published by DC Comics and is a supporting character of Black Lightning. He is the brother of Paul Gambi. Peter Gambi first appeared in Black Lightning #1 and was created by Tony Isabella and Trevor von Eeden.

Peter Gambi
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceBlack Lightning #1 (April 1977)
Created byTony Isabella
Trevor von Eeden
In-story information
Full namePeter Gambi

Gambi has made appearances in several comic books and the character is portrayed by James Remar in the live action series Black Lightning.

Fictional character biographyEdit

Peter Gambi is a former mob hitman who killed Alvin Pierce. Turning his back on his life of crime, he became a tailor like his brother Paul Gambi. Peter established a tailor shop below Jefferson Pierce's apartment and befriended Pierce and his mother.[1] When Tobias Whale orders the death of a student to threaten Pierce after the latter spoke out against the 100's criminal activities, Jefferson seeks Gambi's advice to avenge the victim. Gambi creates the costume that enables him to become Black Lightning.[2]

Syonide captures Gambi and tries to force him to reveal Black Lightning's true identity.[3]

Jefferson learns that Gambi was the one who killed his father. Gambi begs unsuccessfully for Black Lightning's forgiveness.[4] Whale sends Syonide to kill Gambi and Black Lightning. Gambi sacrifices his life to save Black Lightning, and Pierce forgives him as he dies.[1]

In other mediaEdit

  • Peter Gambi appears in Black Lightning, portrayed by James Remar.[5] In this show, Peter Gambi's real name is Peter Esposito and he used to work for the A.S.A. as their meta-human spotter before leaving the group, becoming a tailor and an ally of Black Lightning. He raised Jefferson Pierce after his father was killed by Tobias. He is similar to Alfred Pennyworth and Lucius Fox from Batman series.


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