Peter G. Gyarmati

Peter G. Gyarmati (born July 14, 1941) is a software engineer and computer scientist, best known for the development of OS/360+HASP for the System/360, then later the OS/VS for the System/370, especially the resource allocation system. He introduced here the adaptive allocation strategy based on his earlier engineering works.

Born in Budapest, Hungary there he received BSc (Eng) from the Budapesti Műszaki Egyetem, Hungary and MSc from Manchester University, England in 1972, and he received a PhD in Applied Computer Science from ELTE (Eötvös Lóránd Tudomány Egyetem) in 1981.

After their earlier work with Ferranti, then the successor ICL, in Manchester University he joined for research to IBM from 1972 until 1981, working in Poughkeepsie, Yorktown, New York, and the Delft University, the Netherlands.

In his PhD work – Adaptive Controls in Operating Systems — he proposed the so-called ADIOS solution, extension to the System/370 family, with the OS/VS2 software.

Actively studied the ALOHA-type networks suggested solution to the collision problem and gave a prove for the radio communication channel capacity. Now the everywhere used CSMA/CD protocol –an essential for the Ethernet—based on his work.

Returning to Hungary he turned to the developing world of the PC and microcomputing, where he introduced a forerunner of the portable computer, a portable data collector machine, called MOBI-X, then MOBI-2000. He also designed, created and patented the portable operating system, which is now the core of many such machines.

Later he worked with networking reliability, security, in Vienna, and Stuttgart and also in Budapest for BSB, TCC and worked in Stanford University, Palo Alto, U.S. as a guest professor, and as emeritus returned to Szentendre, where he lives now. He is member of the PhD body of the HAS (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and of the Bolyai Society of Mathematics.


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