Peruvian-Bolivian War of 1841-1842

The Peruvian-Bolivian War was a warlike confrontation between Peru and Bolivia in the years 1841 and 1842.

In 1841, Agustín Gamarra, President of Peru, tried to annex Bolivia[1] (the former colonial Charcas Audience), which cost the Peruvian president his life on November 18, 1841 at the Battle of Ingavi. The Bolivian Army, under the command of General José Ballivián, occupied the Peruvian provinces of Moquegua, Puno, Tarapacá, Tacna and Arica.

The eviction of Bolivian troops in southern Peru would be achieved by the increased availability of material and human resources in Peru.[2] At the end of the war, the Treaty of Puno was signed on June 7, 1842.


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