Perman (Japanese: パーマン, Hepburn: Pāman) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by the manga artist duo Fujiko Fujio about a clumsy boy, Mitsuo Suwa, who is chosen to apprentice to a powerful superhero to save the world along with other superheroes. The manga series was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday in 1967. The first anime series was first produced in black-and-white in 1967. The second anime series was made in color in 1983 and films were released in 1983, 1984, 1985, 2003 and 2004.

Cover of the second manga volume featuring Booby (left), Mitsuo Suwa (center), and Sumire Hoshino (right) in their Perman personas.
Created byFujiko Fujio
Written byFujiko Fujio
Published byShogakukan
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Sunday etc.
Original run19661986
Anime television series
Music byHiroshi Tsutsui
StudioTokyo Movie
Original networkTBS
Original run April 2, 1967 April 14, 1968
Anime film
Perman: The Birdman Has Arrived!!
StudioShin-Ei Animation
ReleasedMarch 12, 1983
Runtime25 minutes
Anime television series
Directed byHiroshi Sasagawa
Sadayoshi Tominaga
Written byFujiko Fujio
Music byAkihiko Takashima
StudioShin-Ei Animation
Original networkANN (TV Asahi)
English network
Original run April 4, 1983 July 2, 1985
Episodes526 + 3 specials[1]
Anime film
Ninja Hattori-kun + Perman: ESP Wars
StudioShin-Ei Animation
ReleasedMarch 17, 1984
Runtime52 minutes
Anime film
Ninja Hattori-kun + Perman: Ninja Beast Jippō vs. Miracle Egg
StudioShin-Ei Animation
ReleasedMarch 16, 1985
Runtime50 minutes
Anime film
Pa-Pa-Pa the Movie: Perman
StudioShin-Ei Animation
ReleasedMarch 8, 2003
Runtime31 minutes
Anime film
Pa-Pa-Pa the Movie: Perman: Tako de Pon! Ashi wa Pon!
StudioShin-Ei Animation
ReleasedMarch 6, 2004
Runtime32 minutes
Video games
  • Perman: Enban o Torikaese!! (1990)
  • Perman Part 2: Himitsu Kessha Madoodan o Taose! (1991)

The manga, which started serialization in 1966, is a joint work. "Perman 2(Booby)", Kabao, Sabu, and Superman are drawn by Abiko.[2]

The manga, which began serialization in 1983, was written by Fujimoto alone.

The manga "Ninja Hattori-kun + Perman", which began serialization in 1984, was written by Abiko alone.



Mitsuo Suwa, a lazy young boy, meets an alien named Birdman, who is part of a group that maintains peace in the galaxy. Birdman recruits Mitsuo to become a Perman. Mitsuo is given three items.

  • A helmet that multiplies the wearer's physical strength and serves as a mask.
  • A cape that allows the wearer to fly and run with great speed.
  • A badge that enables the wearer to breathe underwater and to communicate with Permans.

Birdman instructs Mitsuo that if a Perman's identity becomes known to others, his brain will be destroyed—which is reduced to being turned into an animal. To help keep Mitsuo's secret identity, Birdman will give Mitsuo a doppelgänger robot called a copy-robot, who takes Mitsuo's place when Mitsuo is on duty as Perman. During his duty as Perman, Mitsuo meets other Permans; Booby, Perko and Peryan, and they soon become best friends. Perman's story later revolves around the bonding between the Permans and their adventures of averting crime and disasters.



Main characters

Mitsuo Suwa (須羽満夫 (ミツ夫 みつ夫), Suwa Mitsuo) / Perman 1
Mitsuo/Perman is the protagonist of the series. He's 11 and a half-year-old young boy who's chosen as the first Perman by Birdman. Of the five known Perman, he has had the closest calls to having his secret identity revealed. He dislikes studying, being grounded, ghosts, and cockroaches. He is not very good at studying but he can do well if he tries hard. He has a crush on Michiko, a girl from his class. He's a big fan of the idol Sumire Hoshino, who's actually Perman 3/Pergirl. Mitsuo often acts lazy and dumps his work on his copy robot, but works hard when things get serious. As Perman, he is willing to do anything to please others, which sometimes lands him in trouble. At the end of the series, all his achievements as Perman were acknowledged by Birdman and he travels to the planet Bird star for training to become Birdman's successor. He seems to have not been returned to Earth because there is a depiction waiting for return in the era of "Doraemon" which later Hoshino Sumire as an older actress is in. However, there's a manga chapter "Return of Perman" (included in Vol. 2 of Fujiko. F · Fujio Capricorn/Complete works of Fujiko. F. Fujio: Perman) (藤子・F・不二雄大全集第2巻に収録) he returns to Earth only for 2 hours. Mitsuo is voiced by Katsue Miwa in both 1967 and 1983 TV anime.[3][4]
Booby (ブービー, Būbī) / Perman 2
Booby is a monkey referred to as "Perman 2". Earlier in the manga he lived in a zoo and had to sneak out at night to work (although his mother caught him once and gave him a spanking); later, the authors simply announced that they would retcon his character, making him a pet chimp who lived with an old couple, so that he could work more easily as a superhero. The reason why he is chosen as one of the permans is that, according to Birdman, there should be no discrimination between Earth humans and animals. He is highly intelligent, but because he cannot speak human language, he often uses objects and gestures to get his point across. He acts like a human even though he's a monkey. Booby helps his colleagues with human affairs, although in chapters where he's the main character he works with animals to who he can speak to. Booby is voiced by Hiroshi Ōtake in both the 1967 and 1983 anime series.[3][4]
Sumire Hoshino (星野スミレ, Hoshino Sumire) / Perman 3 / Perko (パー子, Pāko) / Pergirl
Although Sumire is a girl, she is officially addressed as "Perman 3"; however, her teammates often call her called "Perko". Her secret identity, which she never reveals even to her teammates, is a famous child actress. She feel freer when she is Perko because, as a child actress Sumire, she is always treated as a celebrity everywhere she goes. She has a dual personality; In her superhero guise, she is quite tomboyish, bossy, brave, bold, hot-headed, and headstrong, quarreling with Mitsuo and sometimes with Michiko (for Perman). While as Sumire is very kind and mild. In the original series, she lives in a big mansion along with her parents, while in the Shin-Ee version of the animation, she lives alone in a condominium. Her parents live in New York. A woman who seems to be a manager frequently goes in and out of a condominium room and seems to be taking care of her well. She is not good at household stuff such as cooking and sewing in general. She often calls Mitsuo annoying and stupid but inside her heart, she has a soft spot for him and considers him as her treasure (As shown in "What is Perko's Treasure ?"), indicating she loves him more than anything else in the world and he also reciprocates it somewhere in the depth of his heart. Whenever she is in trouble, she tells about it Mitsuo first indicating that he indeed is very close to her. She later reveals her identity aka Sumire only to him and asks him to marry her when he returns from Bird Planet which he willingly agrees with within the final chapter of the manga series (volume 7). Sumire, as an older actress, also makes significant cameo appearances in two chapters of Doraemon, telling Nobita about a faraway person whose return she is waiting for (aka Perman/ Mitsuo) who has gone to another planet to perform his duties as Birdman (in volume 19 and 24 of Doraemon) (In another episode, Sumire was visited by Nobita and Shizuka, who used the Almighty Pass to enter her house and spent time chatting with her. However, the gadget's effect wore off at 6pm and a confused Sumire chased them out of her house.) Sumire is voiced by Yōko Kuri in the 1967 TV anime[3] and Eiko Masuyama in the 1983 TV anime.[4]
Hōzen Ōyama (大山法善, Ōyama Hōzen) / Perman 4 / Paryan (パーやん, Pāyan) Perboy
He is the oldest of all the other Permans (18 years). He lives in Osaka and works various part-time jobs for a living. He is very pragmatic and this sometimes pits him against the other Permen. His pragmatic attitude saves the Permen from many of their tribulations. But his sense of responsibility is strong and his mental power is also tough. He often contributes to solving difficult cases by planning out excellent or unusual strategies and excels in the most intelligence and ability among the five Permen (four in the 1983 anime) He is also known for solving arguments between Perman and Perko about what to happen very easily. He is sometimes greedy to other Pāmen but sometimes can help them in whatever problem they have. His dream is to become the owner of a big company and earn a lot of money. Hōzen is voiced by Yoshihisa Kamo in the first anime television series.[3]
Kōichi Yamada (山田浩一, Yamada Kōichi) / Perman 5 / Pabo (パー坊, Pābō)
Nicknamed Kō-chan, he is the fifth and youngest member of the team. He is a 2-year-old baby, and saw Mitsuo as Perman 1 on one occasion. He was made a Perman to preserve Mitsuo's secret identity. The first anime and manga series had several appearances by Kōichi, but he is nonexistent in the second version of either series. In addition, all but one chapter in the current manga volumes with an appearance by him have been omitted. Kōichi is voiced by Fuyumi Shiraishi in the 1967 TV anime.[3]
Superman (スーパーマン, Sūpāman) Birdman
One of the supermen, the guardians of the universe. His name is Superman in the early series, but he has renamed Birdman in later series to avoid violating the copyright of DC.[citation needed] He is the one who gave the Permen their abilities. He always rides a UFO disk. He has been to various places to find candidates for the next Birdman from Superstar (Bird star in 1983 anime and later manga volumes), to give a permanent set as an apprentice and test skills. At that time, it seems that he was checking his / her mind beforehand whether they are qualified to become a permanent. Although he can be very strict when it comes to the Perman identity, he can also be calm and make sure that they don’t take decisions in hurry such as quitting being Perman. He can sometimes be very clumsy when it comes to operating his UFO and handling situations in general. He has a variety of superpowers. In addition to Mitsuo who was selected as a candidate in the last round, many of the permits were selected from around the world to go to the planet Bird star (Superstar), so it seems that he was not the only one who came to the earth from Bird star. Birdman is voiced by Akira Shimada in the 1967 TV anime.[3]
Androids which are given to Permen from Superman to help keep their secret. Each one transforms into a clone of the person who pushes a button on its nose. The memories of that copy robot can also be transferred to the original person by placing both foreheads against each other. In the first series, the robot had a red nose that remained visible even after the transformation, and they often were deactivated by well-meaning people trying to wipe their noses clean. The duplication procedure also copies whatever clothing or items that are on the activator's person, which landed Mitsuo in trouble on a few occasions for abusing this property. These made a cameo in the Doraemon series as one of his many gadgets from the 22nd century.

Supporting characters

Michiko Sawada (沢田ミチ子, Sawada Michiko) / Mitsuko
Mitsuo's classmate who has a crush on Perman, she often puts together newspaper articles that have been active. Mitsuo admires her unexpectedly. She is beautiful and outstanding in grades, but with a strong temperament character. She treats Mitsuo as just a good friend. In the anime, she talks about future dreams as an "astronaut." She views Pergirl as a rival, and at times clashes with her (with Mitsuo in the middle). She also knows how to play piano and violin very well. Michiko is voiced by Kyōko Emi in the first anime television series.[3]
Kabao (カバ夫)
Another of Mitsuo's classmates. He is the neighborhood bully. He often picks on Mitsuo, but is a big fan of Perman, often begging him to make him the next member. Together with Sabu, he was tricked by a foreign scientist into stealing Mitsuo's Perman equipment. His father owns a fruit and vegetable shop. At the school, he is a generic captain. At times he does have a friendly and gentle personality. His parents have exactly the same face as him, and his father works not only for fruit and vegetable but also for a Little League supervisor and trainer. Also, in the second animation film, his father often loses dentures. Kabao is voiced by Kaneta Kimotsuki in the first anime television series.[3]
Sabu (サブ)
Mitsuo's short-statured classmate often seen with Kabao. He also has a very weak personality. In the second work it is seen that his father owns a restaurant named "Taberna" (タベルナ). Sabu is voiced by Michiko Nomura in the first anime television series,[3] Shigeru Chiba in the second anime television series.
Haruzō Mie (三重晴三, Mie Haruzō)
Another of Mitsuo's classmates who boastfully proud about his wealth. His room is filled with manga comics and remote-controlled toys. In one episode of the 1983 anime, he borrows the Perman set from Mitsuo, only to have them stolen by a dangerous criminal.
Mantarō Suwa (須羽満太郎, Suwa Mantarō)
He is Mitsuo's dad. Mantarō is often seen as easygoing but will discipline his son responsibly. He is a typical office worker, the position in the company is the section chief. Mantarō is voiced by Hisashi Katsuta in the first anime television series.[3]
Miu Suwa (須羽 みゆ, Suwa Miu)
She is Mitsuo's mother and is unnamed in the series. She is a usual housewife and a beautiful mother. She tends not to feel comfortable with the fact that Perman and his teammates often come to their house, and when the criminal who kidnaps Ganko requested a perman set instead of ransom, she gets very angry. Many people around the Perman's often see the perman as a hero of respect, but she often touches with a very strong attitude towards the permen who come to the Suwa residence. She often scolds Mitsuo because of Ganko's complains. Mrs. Suwa is voiced by Kondō Takako in the first anime television series.[3]
Ganko Suwa (須羽がん子, Suwa Ganko)
Ganko is Mitsuo's younger sister who is headstrong and obstinate, although she is more known for tattling on Mitsuo to their mother. She appears to have a little sibling rivalry with Mitsuo. She is an elementary school first-grader in the setting of the second TV work. But she is a kindergarten child in the movie version. She often tells Mitsuo that his sloppy behavior is very annoying although she sometimes gets into arguments with him due to Mitsuo often gets fed up with her complains to their mother but despite this they still deeply cares and loves with each other. In the second TV work, she has a boyfriend named Itimomagejima (イツモマジメ). She also appeared in Doraemon; in the episode "The Cursing Camera". Ganko is voiced by Masako Sugaya in the first anime television series.[3]
Professor Oyama (大山(おおやま)先生)
He is Mitsuo's homeroom teacher. A young athlete who is fat and seems to be taking all the subjects. He often scolds Mitsuo for not completing his homework and sleeping in class and ends up giving him a punishment of standing out of the class. The nickname is "Higendaruma." Oyama is voiced by Masashi Amamori in the first anime television series.[3]
Sharoku (社六(しゃろく)
He is another classmate of Mitsuo. As the name implies Sherlock Holmes, he is a kid who loves finding out things and acts like a young detective. He is very smart. He has a doubt that the identity of Perman 1 is Mitsuo. He tries to grab the evidence many times, but ends up failing each time. In the second work, it is revealed that his father is a detective.
Yamagishi Yuki (山岸 ユキ(やまぎし ゆき))
She's introduced in the 1983 TV anime. She's a transfer student who came to the class next to Mitsuo. She met his copy-robot and became his friend. She has a good relationship the copy robot since then. Because of this there are often misunderstandings whenever she talks to the actual Mitsuo.


Senmensō (怪盗千面相, Kaitō Senmensō) / The man of the thousand masks
A gentleman thief who is an expert in disguise and jailbreak, and one of Perman's most cunning opponents. He is skilled in escaping because of his love of the thrill of breaking out of prison, and a chapter in the early manga demonstrates that he can't stand the ease of escaping from minimum security. In his first appearance, he was ruthless enough to try to kill Mitsuo, however, he later helped Perman capture the man behind a rash of purse snatchings because the thief had robbed the owner of his favorite ramen restaurant. He is a lover of fine art, which Pāyan uses to his advantage in a museum heist.
Japanese League of Evildoers (全日本悪者連盟, Zen Nippon Akusha Renmei) (a.k.a. ZenAkuRen (全悪連) ZenGyadoRen (全ギャド連))
The Japanese 'bad-man league', the guild which organizes thieves and burglars in Japan. Despite their schemes to destroy Perman, they are always defeated.
Don Ishikawa (ドン石川)
The leader of the ZenGyadoRen.
Saien Mado (魔土災炎, Mado Saien)
An evil genius who is the science adviser of ZenGyadoRen and offers them many unusual technologies. As with Haruzō and Ganko, his name can be read in a different way; in his case, it sounds similar to "mad scientist".





The manga was written by Fujiko Fujio and published in 1966. It was published by the Japanese company, Shogakukan, and serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday. It has 8 tankōbon.[5]



Two anime television series based on the manga were produced. The first television series, consisting of 54 two-part episodes, was produced by Tokyo Movie with music composed by Hiroshi Tsutsui. It was broadcast on TBS from April 2, 1967, to April 14, 1968.[3] Certain episodes are lost and some episodes have lost their audio.[6] This version was dubbed into Mexican Spanish, and it is unknown if the dub has any of the lost episodes.

The second anime television series was produced by Shin-Ei Animation under the direction Hiroshi Sasagawa and Sadayoshi Tominaga with Akihiko Takashima composing the music. The series was first broadcast every Monday through Saturday on TV Asahi from April 4, 1983, to March 30, 1985. Starting on April 2, 1985, the series switched to a weekly broadcast and concluded on July 2, 1987, for a total of 526 episodes.[4]

Episode list

Air date EP# English title Japanese title
04-04 1 Perman's Debut!! パーマン登場!!
04-05 2 Perman Baseball 野球はパーマン
04-06 3 Ganko is an Inept Detective?! ガン子は迷探偵?!
04-07 4 Hello, I'm Pako こんにちはパー子です
04-08 5 The Teacher is Coming!! 先生がくる!!
04-09 6 Booby is Chased 追い出されたブービー
04-11 7 I am Peryan パーヤンですねん
04-12 8 Pako's True Identity パー子の正体
04-13 9 All Permans Assemble!! パーマン全員集合!!
04-14 10 Careful of the Water!! 水にご用心!!
04-15 11 Bid Kid Perman 悪い子パーマン
04-12 12 Gerageramaru SOS ゲラゲラ丸SOS
04-18 13 Perman for Hire やとわれパーマン
04-19 14 Grandma Came Back 帰ってきたおばあさん
04-20 15 Come to Me Horn ラッパとんでこい
04-21 16 A Kind, Kind Girl やさしいやさしい女の子
04-22 17 Perman and the Strange Trailer パーマンと謎のトレーラー
04-23 18 My Life is in Danger わたしの命はねらわれている
04-25 19 I Want to Quit Perman パーマンやめたい
04-26 20 We Found the Uressher ウレッシャー号みつけた
04-27 21 Girl's Battle 女のたたかい
04-28 22 Perman's Day Off パーマンの休日
04-29 23 All Permans Assemble!! パーマン全員集合!!
04-30 24 Stranger's Crystal Ball 怪人ネタボール
05-02 25 Sheltered Son 箱入りむすこ
05-03 26 Make Me Perman 5 おれをパーマン5号にしろ
05-04 27 Perman's Part-time Job パーマンのアルバイト
05-05 28 Which is the Copy?! どちらがコピー?!
05-06 29 Fake Perman にせ者パーマン
05-07 30 Being Perman is Hard パーマンはつらいよ
05-09 31 Found! Perman's Papa and Mama 発見!パーマンのパパとママ
05-10 32 After the Counterfeiter!! ニセ札犯人を追え!!
05-11 33 Even So, Mitsuo Will Do It! それでもミツ夫はやる!
05-12 34 I'm a Ninja 忍者でござる
05-13 35 Return to Crocodile's Birthplace ワニ故郷へ帰る
05-14 36 Perman Buried Alive 生き埋めパーマン
05-16 37 Mitsuo's Runaway Cockatoo ミッちゃんの逃げたオウム
05-17 38 Midnight Chaos at the Bath 真夜中のお風呂騒動
05-18 39 I Hate Field Trips! 遠足なんて大きらい!
05-19 40 The Home Run Ball is Mine ホームランボールはぼくのもの
05-20 41 Dinosaur Hunt 恐竜さがし
05-21 42 Perman is a Bank Robber?! パーマンが銀行ギャング?!
05-23 43 Catch the Thief! スリを捕まえろ!
05-24 44 I Can't Be Perman パーマンになれない
05-25 45 Clockwork Mansion!? とんだからくり屋敷!?
05-26 46 Perman and Judo Man パーマンと柔道マン
05-27 47 Perman's School Exploration パーマンの学校探検い
05-28 48 Lift with the Hips! みこしだ!ワッショイ!
05-30 49 Shark Hunt on the Southern Isle 南の島のサメ退治
05-31 50 A Sad Victory かなしい勝利
06‑01 51 What is Ganko Afraid Of? あのガン子のこわい物は?
06‑02 52 Watch Out for the Novelist 小説家には注意しろ
06‑03 53 Copy Robot Fell in Love!? コピーロボットが恋をした!?
06‑04 54 Let's Photograph Perman パーマンを写そう
06‑06 55 Booby the Circus Star サーカスの星ブービー
06‑07 56 I Lost to Ganko ガン子にゃ負けたよ
06‑08 57 My Famous Friend わが友有名人
06‑09 58 The Missing Perman Badge 消えたパーマンバッジ
06‑10 59 A Workaholic Granny モーレツ婆さんがやって来た
06‑11 60 Training For Copy Robot 特訓はコピーロボットで
06‑13 61 Tanuki Police Squad Debut! タヌキ警部登場!
06‑14 62 Pottery and the President ねん土細工と大統領
06‑15 63 Handcuffs and Hotcakes 手錠とホットケーキ
06‑16 64 Sabu and Perman サブとパーマン
06‑17 65 Handyman Perman べんり屋パーマン
06‑18 66 Secret of the Perman Set パーマンセットの秘密
06‑20 67 Amazing Portrayal とんだ写生会
06‑21 68 Rainy Day Perman 雨の日のパーマン
06‑22 69 Tired of Hot Springs 温泉は疲れるよ
06‑23 70 Enough Private Tutors 家庭教師はもうごめん
06‑24 71 Ganko's Solo Journey ガン子一人旅
06‑25 72 Perman Brings Ice 氷を運ぶパーマン
06‑27 73 Pyramid Exploring ピラミッド探検
06‑28 74 All-purpose Perman なんでもパーマン
06‑29 75 I Want to Play ぼくだって遊びたい
06‑30 76 Cheap Date 節約デート
07‑01 77 Mama Doesn't Understand Anything ママって何にもわかっちゃいない
07‑02 78 Perman's Fanclub パーマンのファンクラブ
07‑04 79 Crush on the Teacher あこがれの先生
07‑05 80 The Cook who Knows the Secret 秘密を知ったクック
07‑06 81 I Caught a Monster Fish?! 怪魚シーラゴンスは釣れたか?!
07‑07 82 Love Sign from an Idol アイドルからのラブサイン
07‑06 83 Mysterious Senmensou Appears! 怪人千面相現わる!
07‑09 84 Peryan Does Some Sightseeing パーヤン観光ですねん
07‑11 85 Kind Villain やさしい悪役
07‑12 86 Copy Robot Assembly コピーロボット全員集合
07‑13 87 Heatstroke Perman 夏バテパーマン
07‑14 88 Booby's First Love 恋ブービーてんまつ記
07‑15 89 Confusion with the Bathhouse Keeper お風呂やさんは大騒ぎ
07‑16 90 Perman's Lucky Message パーマンのロッキー便り
07‑18 91 Find the Teacher's Bride 先生の花嫁をさがせ
07‑19 92 Siblings Must Help Each Other 兄妹は助け合わなくちゃ
07‑20 93 Perman and Booby's Argument パーマンとブービーのけんか
07‑21 94 Perman Goes to the Sea パーマン海へ行く
07‑22 95 Ukii! Booby's Transformation ウキィ!ブービーの変身
07‑23 96 Perman Connected つながれたパーマン
07‑25 97 Perman Has a Toothache 歯痛のパーマン
07‑26 98 Perman's Early-riser Plan パーマンの早起き大作戦
07‑27 99 Sunburned Perman 日焼けパーマン
07‑28 100 Senmensou's Jailbreak 千面相の脱獄
07‑29 101 I Love Ganko's Glasses ガン子のメガネ大好き
07‑30 102 Perman is Very Busy パーマンは大忙し
103 The model airplane context
Air date EP# English title Japanese title
01‑07 470 Perman's Yoyo Plan パーマンのヨーヨー大作戦
01‑08 471 Copy is a detective コピーは名探偵
01‑09 472 Perman Paper Sumo パーマン紙相撲
01‑10 473 Perman's with a Pacifier !! おしゃぶりパーマン
01-14 474 Booby's Gratitude ブービーの恩がえし
01‑15 475 Ganko's Carrier Pidgeon ガン子の渡り鳥
01‑16 476 Sumire's Fan Appreciation Tour スミレのファン感謝ツアー
01‑17 477 Perman Laser Plan パーマンレーザー大作戦
01‑21 478 Negative Perman Power マイナスのパーマンパワー
01‑22 479 Pako's Secret Diary パー子の秘密のダイアリー
01‑23 480 Peryan's Osaka Holiday パーヤン大阪の休日
01-24 481 Sumire is Mine! スミレちゃんはわいのもんや!
01‑28 482 Lightning Perman 電光パーマン
01‑29 483 Finished! Perman's House 完成!パーマンの家
01‑30 484 Perman's Daily Life パーヤンの日々
01‑31 485 Perman's Confession Box パーマンのざんげボックス
02‑04 486 Stop Collecting Permen!! パーマンコレクションはもうやめて!!
02‑05 487 Mommy's Skinship Plan ママのスキンシップ作戦
02-06 488 Mitsuo is Immortal ミツ夫は不死身だ
02‑11 489 Being Popular is Scary! もてるのは怖いよ~ん!
03‑12 490 Perman Became Perko?! パー子になったパーマン?!
02-13 491 Play with Perman! パーマンと遊ぼう!
02-18 492 Perman will be Adopted? パーマン養子になる?
02‑19 493 Monster Perman?! 怪物パーマン?!
02‑20 494 Get a Date! デートを狙え!
02-25 495 Will the Fighting Octopus WIn or Lose 勝つか負けるかケンカだこ
02‑26 496 New Bam-bam Ball Fad ただいま流行バンバンボール
02‑27 497 Remote Control Perman リモコンパーマン
03‑04 498 Weightlessness Training for Space 宇宙をめざす無重力訓練
03‑05 499 Selling Love to Perman パーマンに愛の押し売り!!
03‑06 500 Grandma is a Famous Fisherman パパは釣り名人
03‑07 501 I'm Flying Boy Perman 飛行少年パーマンだい
03‑08 502 Perman vs Peryan Ironman Race パーマン対パーヤンの鉄人レース
03-21 503 Perman Warp Makes your Head Spin パーマンワープは眼がまわる
03‑13 504 Perman's Lifesaver パーマンの命の恩人
03‑14 505 Mitsuo's Time has Come! ミツ夫の時代がやって来た!
03‑18 506 Transform, Transform, Transform Again! 変身、変身、また変身!
03‑19 507 I'm a Man! I'm Perman! 俺は男だ!パーマンだ!
03‑20 508 Perman Became a Doll? お人形になったパーマン?
03‑21 509 Perman Power is a Red Lamp?! パーマンパワーが赤ランプ?!
03-25 510 Perman-style Animal Fist パーマン式アニマル拳
03‑26 511 From Today On, I'm Birdman 今日から僕がバードマン
03‑27 512 Perko-sensei's Spartan Training パー子先生のスパルタ教育!
03-28 513 Making Yourself Perman 5 勝手にパーマン5号
04‑02 514 Perko's Whip is Strong! パー子のムチはきつーいぞ
04‑09 515 Enough Uninvited Girlfriends 押しかけ女房はこりごり
04‑16 516 Booby Disqualified as a Perman? ブービーはパーマン失格?
04-23 517 Copy Became an Adult?! コピーが大人になった?!
04‑30 518 Harisen Technique Booby 必殺ハリセンブービー
05‑07 519 Ganko's Flower Story ガン子の花物語
05‑14 520 Death-defying Flying Trapeze!! 決死の超高層ブランコ!!
05‑21 521 Birdman's Day Off バードマンの休日
06‑04 522 Is it Here!? Strange Ghost Monster 出た!?おかしなゴースト怪獣
06‑11 523 Patrol Without a Badge バッジなきパトロール
06‑18 524 What is this Star Mark? この星マークはなんの星?
06‑25 525 I Teach How to Fly 空の飛びかた教えます
07‑02 526 What is Pako's Treasure? パー子の宝物ってなーんだ?
Air date EP# English title Japanese title
1983‑07‑20 S1 Perman All Assemble パーマンオール百科
1984‑01‑03 S2 Road to Planet Bird バード星への道
1984‑10‑01 S3 The Secret of Copy World コピーワールドの謎


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