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Perfume is a 2001 American film directed by Michael Rymer and featuring an ensemble cast, starring Paul Sorvino, Leslie Mann, Jeff Goldblum, Rita Wilson, Jared Harris, Joanne Baron, and Michelle Williams. As mentioned in the end credits, all dialogue was improvised by the actors.

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Directed byMichael Rymer
Hunter Carson
Produced byL. M. Kit Carson
Cynthia Hargrave
Nadia Leonelli
Fredrik SundwallSundwall
Written byMichael Rymer
L. M. Kit Carson
StarringPaul Sorvino
Leslie Mann
Jeff Goldblum
Rita Wilson
Jared Harris
Joanne Baron
Michelle Williams
Music byAdam Plack
CinematographyRex Nicholson
Edited byDany Cooper
Distributed byLionsgate Films
Release date
January 26, 2001
Running time
106 minutes
CountryUnited States



Prior to a major fashion show, the people involved find themselves embroiled in their own personal battles.

Lorenzo Mancini (Paul Sorvino) is a famous Italian fashion designer who learns that he's dying of cancer, but keeps the news from his former wife Irene (Sônia Braga), and his boyfriend Guido (Peter Gallagher), while also trying to prevent his son Mario (Michael Sorvino) to move their family business into a new line pandering to hip hop culture.

Camille (Leslie Mann) is a up-and-coming fashion designer who's leaving the small atelier owned by Roberta Colaredo (Rita Wilson) to join the large fashion house Fantasia, for which her current lover, Jamie (Jeff Goldblum), works as a talent scout.

Anthony (Jared Harris) is a fashion photographer who has to reinvent himself after his signature heroin chic style has become overused and obvious. Janice Crawford (Joanne Baron), powerful chief editor of A Magazine, offers Anthony the chance to prove himself with a cover shot. In the meantime, Janice's estranged daughter Halley (Michelle Williams) resurfaces unexpectedly.

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Independent Spirit Awards

  • Nominated—Producers Award: Nadia Leonelli

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