People's Union of Kazakhstan Unity

People's Union of Kazakhstan Unity was the political party in Kazakhstan, founded in early of 90s and dissolved in 1999 when it was incorporated into the Fatherland and later the Nur Otan party.

People's Union of Kazakhstan Unity
LeaderQuanysh Sultanov
Founded6 February 1993
Dissolved12 February 1999
Succeeded byFatherland
IdeologyBig tent

Notable membersEdit

Election resultsEdit

Presidential ElectionsEdit

Election Party candidate Votes % Result
1999 Engels Gabbasov 55,708 0.77 Lost  N


Election Seats won ± Total votes Share of votes Position Party leader
33 / 177
 33 Minority gov't Quanysh Sultanov
25 / 67
 8 Minority gov't Quanysh Sultanov


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