People's Socialist Front

The People's Socialist Front or Popular Socialist Front (Portuguese: Frente Socialista Popular, FSP) was a socialist political party in Portugal, founded in 1974. It was a breakaway group from the Socialist Party.[1]

People's Socialist Front
Frente Socialista Popular
FounderManuel Serra
Dissolved7 July 2004
Split fromSocialist Party
Political positionLeft-wing


The group was founded in December 1974 by Manuel Serra,[2] a Marxist who had previously attempted to become leader of the Socialist Party. He had been imprisoned for several years during the authoritarian Estado Novo regime.[3] Under his leadership, the FSP took place in violent demonstrations, including riots in Setúbal.[4]

In the 1975 Constituent Assembly election, the FSP received less than 5% of the vote and won zero seats.[5]

The FSP ran candidates in the 1976 legislative election,[1] and participated in the 1976 local election in coalition with the Portuguese Communist Party and the Portuguese Democratic Movement inside the Electoral Front United People.[citation needed]

On 7 July 2004, after several years of inactivity, the party was declared extinct by the Portuguese Constitutional Court.[citation needed]


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