People's Liberation Army General Armaments Department

People's Liberation Army General Armaments Department (GAD; Chinese: 中国人民解放军总装备部) was founded in April 1998 and is in charge of equipping and arming the People's Liberation Army, as well as overseeing and improving military technology. It is one of the four "general departments" that fall under the Central Military Commission. Various space launch sites across the country also fall under its jurisdiction.

The department was disbanded in January 2016 and the new agency, Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission is founded.[1]



Deputy Directors

  • Lt. General Liu Guozhi (Since December 2010)
  • Lt. General Zhang Yulin (Since 2011)
  • Lt. General Niu Hongguang (Since July 2009)
  • Lt. General Liu Sheng (Since May 2012)
  • Lt. General Wang Li

Political Commissar

Deputy Political Commissar

  • Lt. General Chai Shaoliang (December 2014)

Discipline Inspection Department

Directly Subordinated Organs Work Department

  • Liaison Department
  • Organization Department
  • Propaganda Department
  • Security Department

Human spaceflightEdit

The human spaceflight effort of the PRC is conducted by the China Manned Space Engineering Office, which is a special department within the General Armaments Department.[3]


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